Best Universities in Australia

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Best Universities in Australia for International Students

Students continue to flock to Australia in droves, seeking international study opportunities at world-class institutions and enrollment in widely-recognized programs. With over 500,000 scholars venturing to the country to study in 2016, the country has an appeal that speaks to the world both professionally and academically. A degree from Australia is recognized the world over for its high quality, rigorous academic requirements, and professional graduates.

With so many options varying in style and programs, how are students to decide which university is best for them? We’ve compiled top university rankings in Australia for international students based on a variety of attributes:

Top 10 Australian Universities by World Rankings

Of course, students are looking to travel to a new destination to study among the best and brightest. The universities in the following list attract just that: students who have dedicated themselves to their studies and who are committed to becoming the best they can be at the best universities Australia has to offer.

  1. Australian National University (ranked 20th in the world by QS World Rankings)
  2. University of Melbourne (41st)
  3. University of New South Wales (45th)
  4. University of Queensland (47th)
  5. University of Sydney (50th)
  6. Monash University (60th)
  7. University of Western Australia (97th)
  8. University of Adelaide (109th)
  9. University of Technology, Sydney (176th)
  10. University of Newcastle (224th)

Top International Student Scholarships from Australian Universities

Scholarships in Australia are high in number and in quality. Scholarships are an important consideration for many international students, who hope to lessen the cost of tuition at world-class universities in the country. For those interested in pursuing opportunities, but unsure of where to start, reach out to companies like YesAtlas that can help with the process. In the meantime, here are some of the top scholarships offered by Australian universities:

  1. University of Sydney International Research Scholarships

Offered to students in the Postgraduate Research Degree or Master’s by Research program to apply for the University of Sydney International Research Scholarship (UsydIS), which covers tuition fees and living allowance for up to three years with a possibility of one semester’s extension for PhD students.

  1. Macquarie University International Scholarships

Provides a partial tuition fee scholarship for outstanding students to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Macquarie University North Ryde campus. The scholarship amount is varied up to AUD$10,000.

  1. University of Melbourne Research Scholarships

Awarded to high achieving domestic and international research students. The benefits vary depending on your circumstance and may include one or more of the following: fortnightly living allowance, relocation allowance, paid sick, maternity and parenting leave, full fee remission (international students only), and Overseas Student Health Cover (international students only).

  1. University of Adelaide Scholarships International

Offered to high quality international postgraduate students to areas of research strength to support the university’s research effort. The scholarships include course tuition fees, annual living allowance, and health insurance.

  1. Monash University International Merit Scholarships

Awarded to outstanding international students who wish to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Monash University. The scholarship is valued at $10,000 for a full time study load, paid per year.

  1. Flinders University International Postgraduate Scholarships

Awarded to suitably qualified applicants to pursue a full-time research higher degree at Flinders University – up to two years for a Research Masters degree and up to three years for a Research Doctorate degree. The scholarship covers the international student tuition fees, living allowance, establishment allowance, relocation costs and airfares.

Most Affordable Australian Universities

Sometimes scholarships and financial aid aren’t an option for international students. You can learn more about many of the below universities in our more in-depth article, “The Most Affordable Universities in Australia” [link to article]. For a quick run-through, here is a list of the top 10 most affordable universities in Australia.

  1. Southern Cross University (Annual Tuition Fee: AU$22,500)
  2. University of Southern Queensland (AU$22,300)
  3. Victoria University (AU$23,600)
  4. Western Sydney University (AU$24,280)
  5. Flinders University (AU$24,400)
  6. University of Canberra (AU$24,500)
  7. Swinburne University of Technology (Au$24,680)
  8. University of Wollongong (AU$26,440)
  9. Griffith University (AU$26,500)
  10. Queensland University of Technology (AU$27,700)