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Refund Policy

Refunds will be made to the account from which the fees were originally received. All refunds will be made within 5 business days of written notification

Cancellations and refunds

  • General policy

    By making a reservation trough us with education providers, you accept and agree to the relevant cancellation and refund policy of that particular education provider, and to any additional terms and conditions of that may apply to your booking.

  • Cancellation and refunds by Education provider

    The Full cancellation and refund policy of each education provider is available on the education provider website.

    In general, the education provider will refund 100% the course fees, accommodation fees, airport transfer fees and health insurance fees in case if cancelation of at least 4 weeks before the course, program or accommodation start date. The education provider will not refund application/administrative fees and bank charges fees.

    In case if cancelation of less than 4 weeks, schools might charge part of the tuition fees and accommodation fees, this is different from an education provider to another.

  • Cancellation and refunds by

    • Cancelation before submitting an official application to education provider: We will refund 100% of the charged amount in case of cancelation before an official application was submitted to the education provider except credit card or bank charges.

    • Cancelation after submitting an official application to education provider: We will refund the total charged amount less than administrative fees (USD $200) in case an official application was submitted to the educational provider.

    • Extra fees might be charged as bank charges or courier fees in case an official application was submitted by courier.

  • Cancellation due to visa refusal

    If you have been refused visa you must inform us immediately, failure to inform us with less than 14 days before the course start date will result in refund refusal. In event of visa refusal into the country where you book your course, official documentation of the application refusal must be sent to us before refund can be considered. No refund will be issued where documents have not been received. You must send these documents by scanned email to counselor. Where refund is to be issued due to visa refusal full course and accommodation fee will be refunded less bank and/or credit card charges. Please note each education provider has their own visa refusal cancelation policy and some fee may be charged by the education provider in this event. You can find the visa refusal policy of the education provider in the education provider website. nor the service providers will not issue any refund where: a) where visa is refused and/or cancelled due to poor non-attendance c) where the relevant Home Office, Embassy, Consulate or port of Entry immigration officials believe that you are not a bona fide or genuine student and subsequently refuses visa and/or entry to the country where you book your course/accommodation d) if student leaves the country during the course and its denied re-entry e) where any information was falsified.

Termination policy

Termination means stopping or leaving all or part of the course and/or accommodation once the course has started. If you decide to terminate your course at any point after starting date no refund will made of tuition, accommodation or booking fees by Termination is in breach of the service providers’s termination policy. If you wish to terminate your course and/or accommodation service providers might ask you for a minimum 6 weeks written notice in order to provide you a refund for any unused course and/or accommodation, less this notice period and the course and/or accommodation booking fee. Please see the specific terms of the service providers profile you have selected prior to booking a course as you will be bound by these specific terms and conditions once you confirm the booking.

Payment processing

Credit card payments on our website in USD, AED or SAR will be processed by Yes Atlas.

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