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How to book a language course How to book a language course

Dear Student, team will provide you help on how to use the website so you can easily book your desired course and gain knowledge about additional benefits and advantages.


  • 1. Choose the desired language course from the list provided
  • 2. Check out the chosen course details, school information and the available additional services
  • 3. Check your booking information that includes the number of weeks, type of course, chosen accommodation and airport services


  • 1. Complete your booking by filling in your personal information, making sure all information is accurate
  • 2. Once you submit the application, you can print the confirmation that appears on the screen and we will also send you a copy by email.
  • 3. You can pay the cost by using the instructions and the information on the bill/invoice.

Pack your luggagePack your luggage

  • 1. Now all you need to do is relax and wait for a phone call from the team to review and confirm your information.
  • 2. If the booking has been confirmed and there are no changes to be made, you can start the preparations for visa application and travel.
  • 3. team will be able to help you with visa procedures and flight bookings.

We wish you an enjoyable experience and a successful study abroad trip.