Findcourse - How to find a university program Findcourse - How to find a university program

Dear Student, the team would love to provide assistance to help you easily navigate the website and find the program that best suits your needs.


  • 1. Choose your degree level, field, major, and destination. Next, simply click “Search”.
  • 2. Review the list of universities in the search results. Click “Course Details” for information on start dates, fees, application requirements, and accreditation.
  • 3. Check your booking information that includes the number of weeks, type of course, chosen accommodation and airport services


  • You can apply for courses online or with the support of a local certified agency. You may also request additional information about courses from university representatives.
  • 1. Complete your booking by filling in your personal information, making sure all information is accurate
  • 2. Once you submit the application, you can print the confirmation that appears on the screen and we will also send you a copy by email.

Pack your luggagePack your luggage

  • 1. Now all you need to do is relax and wait for a phone call from the team to review and confirm your information.
  • 2. If the booking has been confirmed and there are no changes to be made, you can start the preparations for visa application and travel.
  • 3. team will be able to help you with visa procedures and flight bookings.

We wish you an enjoyable experience and a successful study abroad trip.