University of Southern Queensland

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University of Southern Queensland

  • Toowoomba
  • Australia

The University of Southern Queensland is a multi-campus university, with three campuses, several regional support offices, and award-winning programs throughout Australia and other countries around the world. What distinguishes the university from others is its commitment to providing support and assistance to students throughout their studies. From the moment of registration at the university, a student relations officer is assigned to answer all questions and help him during his / her studies at the university. The university has more than 23,000 students, including 1,200 international students from more than 100 countries around the world. . It also offers students a choice of study options, where they can choose from three campuses, all of which are located in the southern state of Queensland in Toowoomba, Springfield, and Fraser Coast. All campuses have an environment that is safe, friendly and multicultural. The University has won numerous local and international accolades and awards, ranking second in Australia for Education, Living Experience and Student Support. It is consistently ranked as the #1 University in Queensland and #4 in Australia as a whole.

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  • LOCATIONCity: Toowoomba          Population: 110500

Toowoomba (nicknamed 'The Garden City') is a city in the Darling Downs region in the Australian state of Queensland. Toowoomba is a rail and road junction, tourist resort, service center for Darling Downs (a large livestock, grain, and dairying region), and site of the Perseverance Creek Water Supply Scheme. There are more than 150 public parks and gardens in Toowoomba. It has developed into a regional center for business and government services. Toowoomba is often referred to as the capital of the Darling Downs. Visit Toowoomba and enjoy a life time experience.