Best Universities in Turkey

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Best Universities in Turkey for International Students

An increasing number of students from around the world are traveling to study in Turkey as its education system continues to rise through the ranks. It recently broke into the world’s top 40 education systems, landing at spot number 39. But as an international student, you have to sort through over 180 options available to you..and where can you start?

To help you with the first step, we’ve compiled top university rankings in Turkey for international students based on a variety of attributes:

Top Turkish Universities in the World

Of course, students are looking to travel to a new destination to study among the best and brightest. These universities attract just that: students who have dedicated themselves to their studies and who are committed to becoming the best they can be at the best universities Turkey has to offer. According to QS University Rankings, the top 10 universities in Turkey are:

  1. Bilkent University (411-420 in 2018 world rankings)
  2. Sabancı University (441-450)
  3. Koc University (451-460)
  4. Middle East Technical University (471-480)
  5. Bogaziçi Üniversitesi (471-480)
  6. Istanbul Technical University (651-700)
  7. Ankara Üniversitesi (701+)
  8. Cukurove University (701+)
  9. Gazi Üniversitesi (701+)
  10. Hacettepe University (701+)

Top Turkish Universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia (EECA)

QS University Rankings: EECA examines universities making a name for themselves in the European and Central Asian regions, collecting them all onto a list of the best and most impressive. 44 Turkish universities made the list for 2018, and here are the top 10 schools to keep your eyes on in the country:

  1. Bogaziçi Üniversitesi (ranked 7th in emerging universities in the regions)
  2. Middle East Technical University (9th)
  3. Bilkent University (12th)
  4. Koc University (14th)
  5. Sabancı University (16th)
  6. Istanbul Technical University (26th)
  7. Istanbul University (31st)
  8. Hacettepe University (38th)
  9. Ankara Üniversitesi (61st)
  10. Ege Üniversitesi (80th)

Most Affordable Turkish Universities

International students looking at public universities in Turkey have nothing to worry about when it comes to tuition fees – private universities, however, are slightly more expensive, while still remaining more affordable than most comparable universities in other countries. You can learn more about many of the below universities in our more in-depth article, “The Most Affordable Universities in Turkey” [like to article]. For a quick run-through, here is a list of 10 of the most affordable private universities in Turkey. Note that one US Dollar is equivalent to approximately 4 Turkish Lyra.

  1. Uskudar University (4017 USD annual tuition fee)
  2. European University of Lefke (5780 USD)
  3. Istanbul Aydin University (6200 USD)
  4. Istanbul Sehir University (6700 USD)
  5. Near East University (6720 USD)
  6. Eastern Mediterranean University (8530 USD)
  7. Okan University (9060 USD)
  8. TED University (9270 USD)
  9. YasarUniversity (10,815 USD)
  10. Sabancı University (18,540 USD)