Uskudar University

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Uskudar University

  • Istanbul
  • Turkey

Uskudar University was established in 2011, Istanbul, Turkey. UU aimed to become a leading, ideal, universal university that adds value to regional development and ensures participation. Also with similar methods towards common goals in various disciplines to do like Mind-Body health and diseases, Medicine, Genetics, Social and Bioengineering Sciences, Basic Sciences, Spiritual Science, Family Counseling, in a professional and scientific frame. Obviously, education values are combined with qualified professionals, who are able to perceive the world in which they live, in a holistic way and who can inquire a critical and analytic look at events and situations. To fulfill this mission at the highest level, the University committed to provide an integrated communication training in which theory and practice complement one another. “Our students can enjoy in their leisure time by going to coast cafes and enjoying the fresh air in the surrounding parks. Our campuses and cafeterias at the university have been specifically designed so that students can chat and enjoy their free time in an educationally conducive environment.”

Uskudar University: is accredited from the following countries (based on major)

  • Jordan Jordan
  • Syria Syria
  • Palestine Palestine
  • Lebanon Lebanon
  • Egypt Egypt
  • Sudan Sudan
  • Libya Libya
  • Algeria Algeria
  • Morocco Morocco
  • Yemen Yemen
  • About location of Uskudar University

  • LOCATIONCity: Istanbul          Population: 14380000

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. It’s the only city in the world that is in both Asia and Europe, Istanbul also straddles the ancient and modern worlds. The best way to experience Istanbul is to allow for unscheduled wandering in between visits to historical sites and museums. often the sun rises early enough to partake of the renowned Turkish breakfast, and ride the ferries. The architectural dazzling painted tiles, stunning mosaics, intricate stonework, and vaulted ceilings in Topkapi Palace and the Old City’s mosques, museums, and ancient cistern is perhaps the biggest attraction for any visitor. In addition to the outdoorsy which hooked up with the Byzantine city fortifications, each Saturday, the breakfasting aisles at the bustling Ferikoy Organic Market will set a part of action.