Sabanci University

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Sabanci University

  • Istanbul
  • Turkey

Sabancı University, established in 1994, is a young foundation university located about 40 km away from Istanbul's city center. Students deemed to require additional assistance enroll in the Foundations Development Year, which consists exclusively of English and Turkish language courses. The University Courses are Sabancı University’s core curriculum for undergraduates. Designed with a multidisciplinary approach, so the university courses established links between the natural and social sciences as well as among other disciplines. In line with this goal, the Sabancı University Performing Arts Center, which gives priority to the activities aiming at securing the artificial time of the audience from all ages and from all walks, in order to keep the crotch always high in the art both nationally and internationally, renowned artists, and groups with the audience. The University’s incubation center delivers a wide range of solutions to researchers and research processes, typically from concepts to commercialization’s; as the RGP aims to make the research and innovation development process at Sabancı University robust and sustainable. Furthermore, the SGM’s university provides many activities as gigantic famous plays, concerts and some gigs of Art lovers, in addition to some well-known names and events as well as the students' artistic work to the place that gives the SGM’s university Art in a frame of culture and invites people to blend in.

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  • About location of Sabanci University

  • LOCATIONCity: Istanbul          Population: 14380000

Istanbul is the capital of Turkey. It’s the only city in the world that is in both Asia and Europe, Istanbul also straddles the ancient and modern worlds. The best way to experience Istanbul is to allow for unscheduled wandering in between visits to historical sites and museums. often the sun rises early enough to partake of the renowned Turkish breakfast, and ride the ferries. The architectural dazzling painted tiles, stunning mosaics, intricate stonework, and vaulted ceilings in Topkapi Palace and the Old City’s mosques, museums, and ancient cistern is perhaps the biggest attraction for any visitor. In addition to the outdoorsy which hooked up with the Byzantine city fortifications, each Saturday, the breakfasting aisles at the bustling Ferikoy Organic Market will set a part of action.