Yasar University

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Yasar University

  • Izmir
  • Turkey

Yasar University, established in 2001, is a private university in Izmir, Turkey. It has the mission of providing education and services and producing research based around the guiding principles of science, art and design to contribute to the development of both the local and global community. Academically, it offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs among its 9 faculties; in addition to the other vocational schools, graduate schools and research & development centers. A great deal of facilities and services are provided including; computer labs, language labs, music & film studios, a cinema, conference halls, a sports center, health services, accommodation and more. Alongside educational matters, Yaşar University Student Clubs help students to contribute to a social environment as well by getting engaged in the varied activities and events.
  • About location of Yasar University

  • LOCATIONCity: Izmir          Population: 4114000

Izmir is a metropolitan city on Turkey’s Aegean coast, the second biggest port after Istanbul and a busy transport hub. Izmir has a population around 4 million, almost half of whom are under the age of 30. The young population is made up of university students, educated scientists, artists, and business leaders, all adding to the vibrant and lively culture of this busy commercial center. The city is home to compelling attractions including one of Turkey's most fascinating bazaars, an impressive museum of history and art, and a local lifestyle as laid-back as it is welcoming. The city's rich and fascinating heritage reflects the fact that it has been the home of Greeks, Armenians, Jews, Levantines and Turks over the centuries. While not as multicultural these days, it still has resident Jewish and Levantine communities and its unique and delicious cuisine attests to this.