Most Affordable Universities in Turkey

Most Affordable Universities in Turkey

Turkey is of course widely known for its high-quality, low-cost universities. The schools, much like in other countries, are divided by a number of characteristics, perhaps most significantly into privately- and publicly-funded options. The cost of studying in Turkey [link to Cost of Studying in Turkey], while lower than average compared to other countries and regions, does vary.

Because public universities in the country are almost always offered for a tuition fee lower than 1500 USD annually, this list of some of the most affordable universities focuses on the private institutions in Turkey. Note that one US Dollar is equivalent to approximately 4 Turkish Lyra.

  1. Uskudar University

Annual Tuition: 4017 USD

Founded by the Human Values and Mental Health Foundation, Uskudar University is the first thematic university of Turkey in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences. With 6000 students enrolled in its 4 undergraduate faculties and 4 graduate institutions, the school was officially established in 2011.

  1. European University of Lefke

Annual Tuition: 5780 USD

Located in the Northern Cyprus town of Lefka, European University of Lefke was founded in 1989 by Cyprus Science Foundation. The university opened in 1990 and offers 77 undergraduate and school programs and 38 postgraduate and doctoral degree programs to over 9200 students annually.

  1. Istanbul Aydin University

Annual Tuition: 6200 USD

Founded in 2007 in Istanbul by the vocational college of Anadolu BIL, which existed since 2003, Istanbul Aydin University is the largest university on this list, with almost 40,000 students enrolled in its programs each year. It offers 9 faculties and boasts a technology center built on an area of 175,000 m2 (1,880,000 sq ft).

  1. Istanbul Sehir University

Annual Tuition: 6700 USD

Located in Istanbul, Istanbul Sehir University is a newer university, having been established in 2008. The institution began its education in the academic year of 2010-11 at its campus in Altunizade, Üsküdar, and now welcomes almost 4000 students to its campus to study in one of its 10 schools and colleges.

  1. Near East University

Annual Tuition: 6720 USD

Located in North Cyprus, Near East University was founded in North Nicosia in 1988. The university has 16 faculties with 98 departments, 4 vocational schools, and 4 graduate schools offering programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. With over 25,000 students, it is the largest university in Northern Cyprus.

  1. Eastern Mediterranean University

Annual Tuition: 8530 USD

Established in 1979 in the city of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus, Eastern Mediterranean University began as a higher education institution focused on technology for Turkish Cypriots. In 1986, it was converted to a state university, and now offers its over 18,000 students 141 programs in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

  1. Okan University

Annual Tuition: 9060 USD

Okan University was established in 1999 and is located in Istanbul. The university has 8 academic faculties (Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Education, Law, Engineering and Architecture, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) and has entered the top 7 of the foundation institutions.

  1. TED University

Annual Tuition: 9270 USD

TED University is a dynamic university, located in the heart of Ankara. It was founded in 2012 by the Turkish Education Association, which has been leading the development of education in Turkey since 1928. With an emphasis on liberal arts education, the university consists of five faculties.

  1. Yasar University

Annual Tuition: 10,815 USD

Located in the major port town of Izmir on the Aegean Sea, Yasar University is seen as a "boutique university." It aims is to be identified as a small but prestigious international Turkish university. Faculty teaches in English, with programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.

  1. Sabanci University

Annual Tuition: 18,540 USD

Sabancı University is a young foundation university established in 1994 and located about near Istanbul's city center. The university’s core curriculum for undergraduates was designed with a multidisciplinary approach, so the university courses established links between the natural and social sciences as well as other disciplines.