Most affordable universities in the UK

Most Affordable Universities in the UK

Most of the UK universities which international students are familiar tend to come with a high price tag. UK top schools like Oxford and Cambridge are among the most expensive institutions in the country for international students to attend, despite their generosity with scholarships and financial aid.

But for those international students without the benefits of financial aid or a scholarship, the UK still has a lot to offer in the way of affordable, high-quality education. Here are our top picks for 5 of the most affordable universities in the UK:

  1. University of Bedfordshire

Annual Tuition: 9,900 GBP

Spread across 5 campuses (Luton, Bedford, Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Putteridge Bury), the University of Bedfordshire was formed in 2006 by the merging of University of Luton with De Montfort University's Bedford campus. With a student population of over 11,300, the public university is home to an international student body from 120 countries. In fact, 32% of the students are international, making this one of the most internationally-friendly universities in the UK.

Graduates of Bedfordshire university are often seen as having good prospects for work or further study. A large proportion of its research output has been considered of a high international standard and quality, and the university operates a total of 11 research institutes.

  1. University of Suffolk

Annual Tuition: 10,100 GBP

One of the newest universities in the UK, the University of Suffolk only just received its university status in 2016. With its main campus in Ipswich, its over 9000 students come from over 68 different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, although they only make up a total about about 2% of the student population.

Strong connections with local, regional, and international employers from a variety of backgrounds ensure that all courses are designed with student’s future in mind – an impressive 93% of graduates in 2015 went on to employment or further study.

  1. University of Chichester

Annual Tuition: 10,620 GBP

The University of Chichester’s main campus has been active for over 130 years as a place of higher learning, but it wasn’t until 2005 that the University was actually established in its current state. With a student population of over 5000, only 1% of students are from outside of the EU, meaning those students aiming to study and learn the English language will be able to do so with enhanced efficiency.

The university’s award-winning careers services come alongside its research and teaching quality, which is recognized across the globe. University of Chichester’s support for international students is equally significant.

  1. University of Bolton

Annual Tuition: 11,000 GBP

The University of Bolton is located in Bolton – one of the largest towns in the UK. It’s a short distance from Manchester by train journey. The school welcomes over 9000 students to its campus annually, with 8% from international backgrounds. In 2005 it was given the title “University of Bolton,” and three years later, it opened a campus in the United Arab Emirates.

On the UK campus, new world-class facilities include Bolton One, the health leisure and research center; Bolton Business School; and in 2017, the new Centre for Advanced Performance Engineering..

  1. Coventry University

Annual Tuition: 11,200 GBP

The largest university on this list, Coventry University has over 27,000 students on its campus each year. The school’s symbol is a phoenix, representing the school’s rebirth after it was destroyed in WWII. With over 100 clubs and groups on its campus, students engage with one another, their campus, and the city of Coventry in a variety of ways.

Coventry University is known for its having the UK’s largest Disaster Management (BSc) program, which covers all aspects of the disaster cycle and planned risk interventions. Additionally, health and nursing degrees are the most popular areas of study at the school.