University of Suffolk

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University of Suffolk

  • Suffolk
  • UK

In today’s world, nothing ever stays the same. To succeed, you need to be able to change and adapt to the times, and to be bold in what you do. This is what the University of Suffolk does. They are a transformational university that takes the best of educational traditions and applies them to a 21st century audience and a modern world of business and entrepreneurship. The purpose of this distinctive, thriving community is to change lives, both of individuals and the collective community, for the better through clear and immediate impact. Staff and students develop close working relationships and the contribution of every individual is valued. The campus itself consists of state of the art surroundings, showcasing environments to optimize learning. The region is a unique blend of modern towns and medieval castles. With sandy cliffs, miles upon miles of coastline, and beautiful reserves, Suffolk is a relaxing, peaceful environment that is perfect for your study experience.
  • About location of University of Suffolk

  • LOCATIONCity: Suffolk          Population: 292100

Suffolk is a large English province on the east coast of England. It overlooks the North Sea to the east and occupies 50 miles of the coast. Within the province are the towns of Ipswich and Felixstowe, the largest container port in Europe. The county is distinguished by its largely arable land and stunning natural beauty. The county is popular with students and is home to Suffolk University, the University of East Anglia, and the University of Essex. The province's economy depends heavily on agriculture. Like other British provinces, the province has a huge network of tunnels and trains, and can be accessed by the Heathrow, Gatwick or Norwich airports.