University of Chichester

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University of Chichester

  • Chichester
  • UK

The University of Chichester offers top quality education in a variety of fields. History, art, business, technology, you name it. Their unique, multidisciplinary ethos makes them a well-rounded institution that excels in all fields. They don’t do gimmicks. The school is internationally recognized as a beacon of good practices that offers real life enhancing experiences. For more than a decade, the National Student Survey has ranked them above their counterparts in providing higher education. The student life offers fulfilling opportunities for all. The vibrant city of Chichester is just minutes away from the seaside, with its pier, attractions, clubs, and restaurants. Activities abound in Chichester. Students can see live bands, go to the races, watch the latest blockbuster, play sports, or go on trips and excursions outside the city. In this dynamic city there truly is something for everyone, no matter what your interests are. The school’s Students’ Union offers even more opportunity to get connected. Clubs and societies bring together like-minded individuals to share their interests and passions and make new friends.

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  • LOCATIONCity: Chichester         

Chichester is a cathedral city in West Sussex, in southeast England. Occupied since before the times of the Romans, this lively Georgian market town is still almost completely encircled by its medieval town walls. The medieval Chichester Cathedral viewable all the way from the sea, streets packed with handsome 18th century townhouses, its famous theater, and shopping streets lined with independent shops are all major attractions that keep visitors coming to this historical city. Additionally, Chichester is famous for its annual Chichester Festivities, including the Chichester Real Ale and Jazz Festival. Whether you’re attending the celebrations, walking the old city walls, or just enjoying the atmosphere, you’re sure to find something interesting to see and do in this unique city.