Best MBA Programs in Australia

The Best MBA Programs in Australia

For prospective graduate students looking to continue their education in business – whether directly from undergraduate or after having gained experience in the “real world” – why not investigate the widespread opportunities in one of the most highly regarded countries to pursue an international MBA? By taking their studies to Australia, students can benefit from witnessing, researching, and directly impacting the growing business opportunities in the country.

Australia is a popular destination [link to Why Study in Australia] for many reasons, but when it comes to MBAs in particular, one primary reason is its access to newly forming Southeast Asian markets. For the tech-savvy, entrepreneurial-minded, problem-solving businessperson with an interest in experiencing a culture composed of many ethnicities and nationalities, Australia is ideal location to continue your studies and earn a graduate degree.

Here is a list of the best MBA programs in Australia for…

...the price

For the cost-conscious student, Australia likely does not seem like the most viable option in terms of affordable education opportunities. While the country has some of the happiest cities, healthiest citizens, and highest qualities of life, these commodities come at a generally hefty price tag. But there’s good news: Australia is home to some much more affordable MBA programs, like that of Kaplan Business School in Brisbane.

Kaplan Business School has been offering world-class and renowned MBA programs for over 70 years to the best and brightest students. With over one million graduates and alumni scattered across the globe, KBS has contacts in the form of businesses, internships, and partners worldwide, connecting its students to the best opportunities available. With concentrations ranging from health services management to international leadership and entrepreneurship, students enrolled in KBS’ MBA program will have top-notch opportunities at their fingertips.

Brisbane is an environmentally focused city with one of Australia’s fastest growing economies, making it the ideal location for an MBA student. With increasing diversity, the city is a multi-cultural hub of creativity and intellect that offers students an accessible lifestyle amongst friendly locals. Its lower cost of living than Kaplan’s other campuses in Melbourne, Adelaide, and Sydney will attract bright students on a budget.

Learn more about Kaplan Business Schools’s MBA program in Brisbane here.

...the large campus student

Some students find comfort in unfamiliar environments by blending into and becoming a part of the larger crowd – learning a new culture by observing patterns and experiencing the unfamiliar surrounded by others undergoing a similar process. If this sounds like you, Australia is your ideal destination: not only are there a plethora of cultures to witness and learn, but also larger student bodies overall, with an average of almost 26,000 students per school. Topping the list, however, is Monash University.

Monash University’s MBA program boasts a world-class curriculum that prepares its students for the future of globalization, technological developments, and socio-political ebbs and flows. A two-year, full-time program involving experience-based modules, consulting projects, and overseas learning and industry engagement opportunities, MU’s MBA program is one of the best on the planet, with alumni serving as leaders of some of the world’s largest and most successful companies.

With over 70,000 students, Monash University is the largest university in Australia in terms of student population. It ranks in the top 1% of the world’s universities, attracting students, faculty, and programs of the highest caliber. Established in Melbourne in 1958, Monash is a center for global research and academic undertakings that position its graduates to qualify for the best jobs in their respective industries.

Learn more about Monash University’s MBA program in Brisbane here.

...the small campus student

If a student prefers a smaller campus size, finding comfort in being surrounded by a more limited number of colleagues, Australia has those options for them, as well. Smaller student populations often have notable benefits, including more direct access to professors and more tight-knit relationships throughout and beyond a degree program. If this appeals to you, the MBA program offered at the Gold Coast Campus of Southern Cross University may be for you.

Southern Cross University’s MBA program provides its students with a broad understanding of contemporary management operations, industry relevant skills, and a curriculum designed to help them develop solutions to complex business processes and situations. Students can choose from a comprehensive suite of business disciplines and the opportunity to specialize in accounting, management, leadership, tourism and hospitality, and research.

Southern Cross University boasts five campuses in addition to online and remote-learning programs. Its Gold Coast campus has a student population of just over 3500, with qualified students taking part in in world-class research and academic programs at one of the world’s top 150 universities under 50 years old. For international students, the university is ranked second in Australia for international support and engagement.

Learn more about Southern Cross University’s MBA program at its Gold Coast campus here.

...the name recognition

In an industry embodying the idea that who you know might get you even further than what you know, attending a large, internationally-renowned university can stand to help a student’s odds when applying for positions and beginning their careers. For students looking for name recognition, University of Sydney should be at the top of your list.

The University of Sydney offers a world-class MBA program designed to provide students with the highest caliber oh experiential learning, teaching them the benefits of disruption and adaptability. Students can expect to work alongside and under the tutelage of business leaders and global organizations to address dynamic and multifaceted problems. The University’s MBA boast a unique advantage, as well: a strong link to the quickly-expanding markets of Southeast Asia and beyond, working with Jiao Tong University to help Chinese businesses break into Australia.

Ranked 4th in the world for graduate employability and 50th overall, the University of Sydney is one of the most well-respected and academically rigorous schools in Australia. Offering world-class facilities, inspirational academics, and a thriving campus life, it is a place where students can attain widely recognized and respected qualifications while studying one of over 400 academic fields. Graduates join a powerful community of over 320,000 alumni.

Learn more about the University of Sydney’s MBA program here.


This part is where you come in. Weighing the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, focuses and emphases of different universities can be a challenging task. Be sure to consider your top priorities – whether you want to study for one year or two, what your budget looks like, and where you would like you see yourself post-graduation – before making your final decision and sending in your applications.

It’s a big decision, but whatever you choose, the breadth and quality of MBA programs in Australia provide the perfect place to begin or continue your career once you’ve completed your chosen MBA program.