Kaplan Business School Australia

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Kaplan Business School Australia

  • Brisbane
  • Australia

Kaplan Business School is a globally recognized provider of quality business programs across Australia. Since their inaugural launch in 2008, they have grown from a small institution servicing a few hundred students, to a four-campus network housing nearly 2000 scholars. All classes and programs are tailored around student needs, wherever and whenever learning takes place. The school is adaptable and is always changing, keeping pace with the industries that are changing round them. This means that students receive an education that is modern and relevant to what is currently going on in the business world. All students are provided with guidance and the support they require, whether they academics or just get assimilated into Australian culture. The country is safe, and those who hold visas will automatically receive permission to work if they desire to do so during their studies. The Brisbane campus of the Kaplan Business School is situated not far from Brisbane’s CBD, close to major transport hubs. Shops, parklands, cafes and bars can be found in the surrounding streets. The city is extremely diverse, full of greenery, and has one of the fastest growing economies in Australia. Additionally, it is a hub of creativity, and has a sub-tropical climate that makes exciting, outdoor activities possible all year round.

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  • LOCATIONCity: Brisbane          Population: 2275000

Brisbane is one of the most famous and beautiful cities in Australia. It blends modern architecture, a wonderful sunny atmosphere, beautiful landscapes and Mediterranean life all together in one place. The city is not only a hotspot for tourists, but for people seeking to spice up their lives from places all over the world. Its neighboring cities refer to Brisbane as the "gateway" in the tropical north of Australia, where there are thousands of tropical islands at the Great Barrier Reef just west of the city. The city hall in Brisbane is one of the city's biggest attractions, along with skyscrapers, numerous parks, gardens, and mountains. The city of Brisbane is rich in development and has a fast-growing market economy. Brisbane is considered to be the main economic center in Queensland.