Best Locations to Study in the US

Best Places to Study in the US

The US is one of the biggest countries on earth – both in terms of population and geographical size. It is home to not only a wide range of universities and educational programs, but also a stunning array of cultures, environments, and climates. So, where can should a student begin their search if location matters in their decision? Take a look at our list of the best places for university students in the US.

San Diego – For the Summer Sun All Year Round

For students looking to enjoy the beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and cuisine no matter what season, San Diego is the city for you. One of the biggest cities in California, San Diego affords the students who call it home all the opportunities they can find in bigger cities – without the same high price tag and overwhelming atmosphere.

San Diego is also one of the most student-filled, international cities in the US, meaning those coming from long distances to study will feel at home alongside locals and fellow international students. Brimming with some of the best universities in the country, like UC San Diego and the University of San Diego, it is a premier destination for students looking to study hard, spend weekends on the beach and evenings in one of the most beautiful and lively cities the US has to offer.

Denver – For the Outdoor Adventurer

Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the US, with droves of students and young adults migrating to the city to begin their studies, careers, and families in the beautiful Rocky Mountain region. The city itself has not yet witnessed the increase in prices that comes when a city grows in size and popularity, so now is definitely the time to make your move – even if it is only temporarily.

The city is home to some of the most academic cultures in the US, as students flock to major universities like University of Denver, Colorado State University, and Metropolitan State University of Denver. Outside the classroom and beyond the campuses, students can enjoy summers hiking the largest mountain range in the US, swimming in lakes, and taking in the views of nature and the city. In the winter, Denver is home to some of the best sites for snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. The city itself is thriving and has become known for its many microbreweries and coffeeshops.

Boston – For the Historical Student

Boston is the oldest major city in the United States, so students with an interest in US history should consider this beautiful city located in the Northeast Corridor. The city is known as a college town, and is home to the largest number of colleges and universities in the country, meaning international students will feel right at home in the city that brings a higher number of students than its own population maintains.

If walking some of the oldest streets in the US alongside students from the US and the world – all in the same city but attending different schools and studying different subjects – sounds appealing, Boston is definitely the city for you. And while many have heard of its leading schools like MIT and Harvard, the city has many more options for the international student, from Fisher College to Pine Manor College.

New York City – For the Student Dazzled by the Bright Lights

No city in the US compares to New York when it comes to size, grandeur, and diversity. The city is by and far the country’s largest city, and is without a doubt the biggest tourist destination across the country. There is a reason people trek here from all corners of the globe: New York really has it all. Beautiful nature in Central Park, incredible architecture downtown, the best shows on Broadway, and top universities for students to earn their degrees.

New York is home to a staggering number of universities and colleges. Unlike Boston, however, New York’s population isn’t mostly student-driven, despite the large numbers of people who come to the city to study. For students interesting in getting one of the most popular American experiences in the US’s largest and most widely-known cities, schools like John Jay College in New York might be for you.

Seattle – For the Hipster or Techie

Seattle has become one of the premier destinations for students and businesses (especially those in technology) in the US – in fact, it is home to some of the US’s biggest global companies, including Amazon and T-Mobile. Additionally, it is home to Starbucks, one of the largest US coffee shop chains, which began a coffee trend in the city that made way for hipster culture. If you’re a student who pulls all-nighters and has a coffee addiction, Seattle is definitely the place for you.

All of the technology and businesses have attracted some of the best students from the world to this mid-sized city in the Pacific Northwest. Students love how intellectual Seattle is, and admire the progressive culture the city promotes. Popular schools like Seattle Pacific University attract students to study in the city and are located either downtown or in trendy suburbs.

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