Best universities in the US

Best Universities in the US for International Students

It’s not difficult to find a list of the best universities in the US – in fact, most international students are already likely familiar with them. These schools, including MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Yale, etc., are some of the most well-known on a global scale, and for good reason: they are among the most academically rigorous and world renowned institutions a student can attend.

However, when it comes to the best universities for international students, the list of top universities varies slightly. We’ve compiled the top universities in the US for international students based on a variety of attributes.

Highest Proportion of International Students

This list shows the schools that attract the highest proportion of international students in comparison to their overall student body. Each is committed to furthering education for local and international students, alike, and offer terrific on-campus communities for students hailing from around the world:

  1. Florida Institute of Technology (33% of student population, 3500 total undergraduate students)
  2. New School (32.4%, 6800)
  3. Illinois Institute of Technology (26.5%, 3000)
  4. University of Tulsa (25.8%, 3500)
  5. Suffolk University (23.2%, 5600)
  6. University of California, San Diego (22.8%, 26,600)
  7. Carnegie Mellon University (22.4%, 6500)
  8. Boston University (20.5%, 18,000)
  9. Brandeis University (20%, 3600)
  10. Northeastern University (19.9%, 13,700)

Highest Scholarship and Financial Aid Offered to International Students

It’s no secret that studying in the US is often expensive, but luckily, universities across the country recognize the advantage of inviting students from around the world to join them on their campuses. To encourage international attendance, these universities are offering premium discounts to qualifies international scholars:

  1. University of Chicago (126 international aid recipients, 62,763 USD average amount of aid awarded)
  2. Columbia University (213, 62,004 USD)
  3. Skidmore College (82, 60,975 USD)
  4. Williams College (98, 60,944 USD)
  5. Trinity College (171, 60,869 USD)
  6. Harvard University (600, 60,687 USD)
  7. Stanford University (188, 60,570 USD)
  8. Amherst College (156, 59,164 USD)
  9. Wesleyan University (80, 58,920 USD)
  10. Yale University (336, 58,864 USD)

Most Affordable US Universities for International Students

Sometimes scholarships and financial aid aren’t an option for international students. You can learn more about the below universities in our more in-depth article, “The Most Affordable Universities in the US” [like to article]. For a quick run-through, here is a list of the top 10 most affordable universities in the US:

  1. Chadron State College  (annual tuition, 6980 USD)
  2. Arkansas State University (9670 USD)
  3. American Public University System (9700 USD)
  4. Atlantis University (9830 USD)
  5. Virginia International University (10,100 USD)
  6. Tennessee Technological University  (11,100 USD)
  7. University of California (US) – Irvine (11,200 USD)
  8. Bacone College (11,500 USD)
  9. (tie) Snow College (12,500 USD)
  10. (tie) Bowling Green State University (12,500 USD)

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