Most affordable universities in USA

Most Affordable Universities in the US

Most of the US universities with which international students are familiar tend to come with a high price tag. US top schools like Harvard, Yale, and MIT are among the most expensive institutions in the world, despite their generosity with scholarships and financial aid.

But for those international students without the benefits of financial aid or a scholarship, the US still has a lot to offer in the way of affordable, high-quality education. Here are our top picks for 10 of the most affordable universities in the US:

  1. Chadron State College

Annual Tuition: 6980 USD

Located in Nebraska, Chadron State College welcomes approximately 3000 students onto its campus every year. The institution offers 40 distinct undergraduate degrees, the most popular of which include business management, education, and psychology.

  1. Arkansas State University

Annual Tuition: 9670 USD

Arkansas State University is located in the small city of Jonesboro, Arkansas, where almost 10,000 students study every year. Over 750 students are international, forming about 6% of the student body. Hailing from China, India, Saudi Arabia, and more, students most often study liberal arts, education, and nursing at Arkansas State, which offers nearly 80 unique undergraduate degrees.

  1. American Public University System

Annual Tuition: 9700 USD

The largest university on this list, the American Public University System is home to almost 43,000 students each year. Its campus in Charles Town, West Virginia, provides a small-town environment in which students can participate in any of its almost 60 undergraduate degree programs, the most popular of which are business administration and management, liberal arts, and criminal justice.

  1. Atlantis University

Annual Tuition: 9830 USD

Beckoning students with its sunny, warm home in Miami, Atlantis University serves students from over 60 countries on its small campus in the city. Known for its dedication to international students, and even offering a language institute, the school caters to students with an interest in business administration, information technology, and health care.

  1. Virginia International University

Annual Tuition: 10,100 USD

Virginia International University is a private, non-profit school in the metropolitan area of Washington, D.C. Students from over 100 countries around the globe are hosted at the institution, which specializes in education, international affairs, and language studies – all while giving its students access to one of the US’s most international and world-focused cities.

  1. Tennessee Technological University

Annual Tuition: 11,100 USD

A public university in the small town of Cookeville, Tennessee, Tennessee Technological University invites just shy of 10,000 students to its campus annually. About 960 international students attend the university – a number that is equivalent to approximately 8.5% of the student body and represents a 26% increase over the last 5 years. The most popular areas of study are teacher education, liberal arts, and mechanical engineering.

  1. University of California, Irvine

Annual Tuition: 11,200 USD

Part of the world-renowned University of California (UC) system of education, UC Irvine is located in southern California and welcomes over 25,000 students to study there every year, almost 5500 of which are international. UC Irvine has a strong emphasis on science and technology, and its most popular areas of study include biology, developmental psychology, and public health.

  1. Bacone College

Annual Tuition: 11,500 USD

Located in Oklahoma, Bacone College is the smallest school on this list, with a student population of under 900. It’s international student body has more than doubled over the past 5 years, and while that still means only 2% of its population is international, the whole student body is very close and familial. The school offers 22 undergraduate fields of study, the most popular of which are health education, criminal justice, and business.

  1. Snow College (tie)

Annual Tuition: 12,500 USD

Located in a rural town in Utah, Snow College has a student body of just over 5000. The school boasts a low student-to-faculty ratio of 1:20, meaning consistent engagement with professors can be expected at the school. Offering over 90 distinct undergraduate degrees, most students choose to focus on liberal arts, nursing, or music.

  1. Bowling Green State University (tie)

Annual Tuition: 12,500 USD

Bowling Green State University rounds out our list. It sees almost 15,000 students walk across its Ohio campus annually, almost 800 of which are international. Many students at the school have an interest in a career in education, which explains why the most popular areas of study are special education, grade-specific education, and general education. Other popular majors include biology and psychology.

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