Top Fields of Study in Turkey

Looking Forward – Top Subjects to Study in Turkey

Modern-day Turkey was formed from centuries of multicultural shifts and religious interactions, all of which came together over the course of the country’s history to create what we know of today as the bridge between the east and the west. With such a deep and often complicated history, it is no surprise that we can still see remnants of the past thriving in the society that has carried through to this day.

Students venture from around the world to witness this society and culture firsthand, and when they do so, they take up their studies surrounded by it. But what does that look like? What do students opting to travel to Turkey most commonly choose to study and why?

Here are three of the most popular fields of study in Turkey:

Textiles and Design

Turkey – in particular, Istanbul – is and has been right along one of the primary trading routes between Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Textiles grew in prominence as a major source of income for locals as foreign traders came through their towns and homes, and that tradition of strong emphasis on textiles has carried through to even modern times.

While the government controls many industries, including much of communications, banking, and transportation, the country’s most important industry and largest exporter is textiles and clothing, which is almost entirely in private companies. Students from around the world have benefitted from the rich history of textile production in Turkey, which has translated to a large number of international students choosing to study industries such as industrial-, visual-, product-, fashion-, and textile design.

Turkish universities known for their programs in textiles and design include Istanbul Aydin University, Eastern Mediterranean University, and Uskudar University.

Business Management

Despite decisions made by Turkey’s president and government that have been viewed as questionable by other leaders around the world, Turkey’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) value has been steadily increasing. In fact, it witnessed an increase of over 5% in Q2 2017. Although the reality is complicated, these numbers do represent a strength that some other countries around the world are struggling to match.

This is opening the door for business students who have taken interest in the country as the location for their studies. Between both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree-seekers, business is becoming one of the most popular fields of study in Turkey for domestic and international students, alike. To learn more about the top MBA programs opportunities, check out our article on the Best MBA programs in turkey [link to Best MBA Programs in Turkey].

Turkish universities known for their programs in business management include Near East University, European University of Lefke, and Okan University.

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science and engineering is quickly becoming one of the most popular fields of study worldwide. It appears in many ways to be the future of business, technology, and even possibly communications, giving it a heightened potential for students in terms of jobs and career opportunities. For students interested in this career path and Turkey, many institutions in the country offer high-quality programs for you to enroll in.

Academic programs in computer science and engineering usually combines aspects of both computer science and computer engineering programs into a streamlined degree. While computer science programs tend to center primarily around theory and software, computer engineering programs traditionally diverge from computer science in its heavy electrical engineering requirement in later years of study.

Turkish universities known for their programs in computer science and engineering include Middle East Technical University, Sabanci University, and Istanbul Sehir University.