Best MBA programs in the UK

What are the Best MBA Programs in the UK?


Business administration ranks as one of the top career paths in the UK and the world. Since they are international hub for business, London and the UK attract many international businesspeople and students, who move there to continue their education and advance their careers via top-notch MBA programs. Students benefit from looking outside the most famous programs and honing in on those that maintain the highest standards while meeting particular needs, but with so many to choose from, where do students begin?

This might be a good place to start: we’ve compiled a list of the best MBA programs for…

...the price

Traditional two-year MBA programs around the world are often accompanied by a high price tag, which can limit some students, both local and international, from taking part in such opportunities. However, an increasing number of universities across the UK have begun to offer MBAs at a much more affordable price, without sacrificing high-quality education. Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU) is one of these.

The MBA program at CCCU is aimed at the recent graduate, as opposed to those who have spent time in the professional world, meaning it has an emphasis on developmental and theoretical curriculum. The one-year program offers 8 modules, ranging from strategy and globalization to global economics and finance. CCCU’s MBA graduates will unite theory and practice, working closely with regional businesses and benefitting from an emphasis on work-related learning and employability.

Canterbury Christ Church University has 6 locations across the UK, with its main campus in Kent. Maintaining a strong commitment to the community, the environment, and the world, CCCU attracts over 17,000 students and 1,800 highly qualified faculty to it campus. At the crossroads of excellent teaching, research and knowledge exchange, CCCU welcomes students from around the world to study one of its many programs in the UK.

Learn more about the Canterbury Christ Church University’s MBA program here.

...the large campus student

For students interested in being part of a bigger crowd, full of diversity and fellow students hailing from a myriad of backgrounds, a larger campus might be exactly the sort of setting you need when pursuing an MBA. With a high-quality program and a massive campus with over 23,000 fellow students, the Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) might be the perfect place for you to begin your MBA program research.

QMUL just launched its global MBA program in 2017, partnering with the famed University of London in its efforts. The program offers 5 specialisms, allowing students to choose the focus of their MBA. Areas of emphasis include finance, entrepreneurship and innovation, accounting, law, and leadership. With professional accreditations from major international bodies such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), graduating students will have undergone business simulations enabling students to apply key concepts to real world problems.

Located a few metro stops west of London, Queen Mary University of London is home to a wide variety of students, hailing from across the UK, the EU, and the world. In fact, almost half of the student population is international, with 2000 from within the EU and over 8000 from around the globe. Known as one of the UK’s leading research institutions, with over 4000 dedicated and professional faculty members leading the student body, it is no wonder that this is one of the most international university settings a student can find in the UK.

Learn more about Queen Mary University of London, School of Business and Management’s MBA program here.

...the small campus student

While some students enjoy feeling that they are part of a larger crowd, others prefer to engage with a smaller group in order to feel at home more quickly. If being able to know a majority (if not all) of your fellow classmates is important to you, then you might consider beginning your search for the best MBA program in the US with a school like the University of Gloucestershire (UG).

UG’s MBA program brings together students from around the world to learn from committed and research-active teaching staff with excellent academic and business experience, alongside a myriad of visiting guest speakers with a range of specialisms. These speakers also serve as the program’s primary links to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). With 7 modules, the MBA program helps students develop a skill set for tackling issues based on understanding client needs, collaborative working, and cross-disciplinary thinking.

The University of Gloucestershire’s MBA program takes place on the school’s Oxstalls campus, which offers students an extensive network of connections to clubs, sports teams, theaters, festivals, and venues. While the campus provides the smaller community some students might seek, they can also take advantage of the close proximity to central Gloucester – only 15 minutes’ walk from campus.

Learn more about the University of Gloucestershire’s MBA program here.

...the program recognition

Large, fast-paced, and highly competitive – these are three primary facets of the world of business. Therefore, those looking to enter the industry benefit from anything that can set them apart from other applicants. Having an education from a world-renowned institution with a long-running MBA program might be just what you need to get your foot in the door, and the University of Suffolk is poised to give its students that edge.

The University of Suffolk’s MBA is celebrating its 25th year, making it one of the longest running MBA programs in the UK. Graduates of the program, upon meeting all relevant assessment criteria, receive not just their MBA degree, but also Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership and CMI Level 7 Award in Professional Consulting. Modules include Operations and HRM, Financial and Risk Management, Global Economic Trends, Strategic Change Management, and many more.

The University of Suffolk describes itself as a transformational university, combining UK university traditions with a twenty first century audience and a modern world of employment and entrepreneurship. The school prides itself on its community, welcoming students and faculty from around the world with both temporary and permanent opportunities.

Learn more about the University of Suffolk’s MBA program here.


This part is where you come in. Weighing the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, focuses and emphases of different universities can be a challenging task. Be sure to consider your top priorities – whether you want to study for one year or two, what your budget looks like, and where you would like you see yourself post-graduation – before making your final decision and sending in your applications.

It’s a big decision, but whatever you choose, the breadth and quality of MBA programs in the UK provide the perfect place to begin or continue your career once you’ve completed your chosen MBA program.