Best Subjects to Study in UK

Best Fields to Study in the UK

International students from any country who have relocated to pursue studies in another culture have a myriad of reasons for choosing to do so. Cost of living, university quality, and cultural exposure are all some of the primary reasons students opt to leave home and study in a new, often unfamiliar setting.

Another key reason might be the academic strength or job opportunities in a student’s chosen field. Countries tend to have differing areas and subjects of strength when it comes to higher education based on history, climate, geography, or culture. The UK is no exception. Read about three of the most popular areas of study in the UK here:

Marine Biology

Home to 5 of the top 20 marine biology programs in the world, the UK beckons students seeking a degree in marine sciences from around the world. The nature of the nation’s geography – particularly given its relatively small size and the range of aquatic borders it maintains – lends to the popularity of this path of study.

With the varied marine life found within the 5 seas and oceans surrounding the Isles, students have a wealth of options to choose from when deciding where to study in the UK and what particular aspect of marine biology they will choose to focus on. Additionally, the colleges and universities offering such programs are widespread both in locale and academic focus within the field.

UK universities known for their programs in marine biology include Cardiff University, Swansea University, and Bangor University.


Universities and research centers across the UK have fostered and witnessed the introduction of a myriad of medical discoveries and innovations throughout the nation’s history, from Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRIs) to contraceptive pills. As such, it is not surprising that this makes the list of the top three most popular fields of study, attracting students from around the globe to study in the UK’s most prestigious institutions. However, this also means that the UK is host to some of the most competitive programs (and students) the world over.

Standards for admission in the UK are high, and the students competing for the available and coveted positions are top-notch. For those who think they have what it takes to measure up against the competition, the UK could be the perfect place to pursue your medical degree and even begin your career.

UK universities known for their programs in medicine include the University of Bristol, Queen’s University – Belfast, and Newcastle University.

Computer Science

Computer Science is one of the most quickly growing industries and areas of study around the world. For those looking to begin a career in the ground-breaking field, the UK might be one of the best places to start: the nation has been instrumental in the development of computing and cutting-edge technology, attracting major companies, some of the top university programs, and the brightest students in the field.

Graduates of computer science in the UK enter into highly sought-after, stable, high-paying positions in a variety of industries, including software development, system analytics, and IT. Students in the UK are hired around the globe in a wide range of capacities and positions, making it easy to understand why computer science rounds out the list of top 3 areas of study in the UK.

UK universities known for their programs in computer science include the University of Dundee, De Montford University, and Middlesex University.