What You Need to Know Before You Study Medicine in Spain

Why Study in Spain

Known for its natural beauty, temperate weather, thriving cities, and exciting nightlife, it is no surprise that Spain is one of the premier destinations for students looking to gain international experience in Europe. Students can enjoy the cultural history of the country, the sunny beaches of its northern and southeastern coasts, and the variety of traditions practiced in the country.

Spain ranks 16th in terms of largest international student populations, and while most of these are concentrated within major cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, or Valencia. However, the rest of the country - more rural areas spread between these major hubs - provide a wealth of academic and extracurricular options for students, as well.

For those who haven’t yet considered the country as a destination for their studies, here are 5 reasons to add it to your list:

Top-Ranked Universities

Spain has an incredibly long and rich history of education - in fact, the first university in the country, Universidad de Salamanca, was founded in 1218...almost 800 years ago! Today, Spain is home to 78 universities, 51 of which are state-funded.

Not only are there a wide variety of universities, colleges, and institutions in the country, but they maintain a high ranking on an international scale. 11 Spanish universities fall into the global Top 500, and 23 are ranked in QS World Rankings. Whatever program a student needs, Spain has a world-renowned course and institution that provides it.

Welcoming Locals

The Spanish are some of the most welcoming people in the world. Regardless of your background, locals tend to enjoy sharing their culture, traditions, cuisine, and adventures with anyone visiting or studying in the country.

With strong passion for their sports, their history, their culture, and their cities, locals will share their excitement of life with all they come in contact with. Students can often enjoy home-cooked meal or even greater forms of hospitality from local families, even if they don’t opt to live in a homestay. Local students are also known to be engaging and genuine with their fellow classmates from all across the globe.

Fascinating History

Spain’s history has shaped its beautiful and intricate culture as it has progressed over the course of centuries. With traditions unlike those which can be found in other countries upheld even to this day, it is a haven for the culturally curious. Even the simple activity known as siesta, which takes place daily and makes way for thriving nightlife across the country.

Currently, the country has close ties with the Catholic Church, and maintains one of the only monarchies in Europe with a significant political sway. Each city and region is known to be unique, offering students in the country a wide range of opportunities to explore the variety Spain and its people have to offer.

Language Opportunities

Spain, of course, holds the official languages of Spanish, which is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet. In fact, well over 400 billion people around the world speak the beautiful, romantic language, which makes it the third most spoken language on earth. Working knowledge of the Spanish language is incredibly desirable in businesses and professional industries.

Additionally, Spain is known for its common use of other languages, as well - in particular, English. Many institutions across the country, including The Catholic University San Antonio and the University of Nebrija, make it a point to teach their courses in English in order to promote a more inclusive international atmosphere and welcome more students to the country.

Natural Beauty

Set between the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Spain is home to a wide variety of stunning sites, landscapes, and terrains. Mountains and deserts, forests and beaches, along with a myriad of other exceptional natural beauty can be found in every region of the country, usually well within driving or public transport distance from major cities.

Even within the biggest of Spain’s cities, nature can be found around every corner. “Concrete jungle” might describe New York City, but Barcelona and Madrid are far more green, with beautiful parks, lakes, rivers, beaches, and open skies. If nature is important to you, Spain might be your ideal destination.