Cost of Studying in Australia

How Much does it Cost to Study in Australia?

Australia is undeniably one of the world’s leading international student hubs. Ranking in the top 3 destinations for studies and international exploration, the country bridging the South Pacific and Southern Indian Oceans beckons students to take their studies to the country of sun and sand, regardless of program level, area of study, or personal background. Australia is home to over 4,000 programs spread across its plethora of universities, leaving students with an impressive array of opportunities and choices. One of the factors that most commonly affects students hoping to study internationally is the cost of doing so.

Australia’s universities, while not the most expensive in the world, are not always the most inexpensive, either. But, there are a variety of factors that will directly affect this, and a student has the power to change the cost of tuition based on his or her choices.

Here are 3 of the most important decisions tied to the cost of studying in Australia:

What Degree Level Will You Pursue?

Australia falls in line with a common international education trend of dividing degrees between undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. These differentiate between three progressive levels of education experience, each of which has a different purpose: undergraduate provides the basis upon which students can begin to shape their careers; graduate is often achieved either directly after undergraduate or after a few years in the “real world,” and aims to help advance careers; and postgraduate degrees are for experts looking to conduct research and even teach at higher education facilities.

Of course, the cost of annual tuition will vary depending on which degree program a student enrolls in. For those who have just completed their secondary school and want to begin their time at university, their undergraduate degrees will likely have an annual tuition fee ranging from AU$15,000-30,000. Those who have completed their undergraduate degrees and maybe even a few years of experience in their field, might seek a graduate degree, which will come at a cost of between AU$20,000-37,000. Finally, those looking to pursue their postgraduate degrees (PhDs, etc.), will be facing fees with the largest range – from AU$14,00-37,000.

Which Field Will You Study?

Students seeking study opportunities in Australia should be encouraged by the diversity of programs offered by the universities and colleges spread across the beautiful country. Virtually any academic and professional interest will have a course offering somewhere in the country, and more than likely, students will have many options to choose from. But it is important to bear in mind that a student’s chosen field of study will directly affect the cost of their tuition in most situations.

For students interested in a degree like business, communications, and some sciences, the cost of tuition fees in Australia falls within the typical range of AU$15,000-30,000. However, for those interested in medical, veterinary, or any other high-caliber, high-intensity degrees, the cost of annual tuition should be expected to increase dramatically. Of course, this is not an uncommon trend in universities around the world, and those who specialize in these areas tend to have higher salaries upon graduation, making up for the cost of tuition during their studies.

Where Will You Take Your Studies?

In Australia, universities offer a broad spectrum of fees and tuition costs, based not only just upon the degree level their students pursue or the area of focus, but also upon each respective university, themselves. An undergraduate program in business might cost students AU$20,000 at one school, while it costs AU$30,000 at another.

For this reason, students should look carefully at the tuition fees attached to their favorite universities and programs before making any decisions regarding where to apply. Top-ranked universities in the country include University of Sydney and University of Melbourne, which have respective annual tuition fees of AU$37,000, and AU$35,000. For more cost-effective academic experiences, students might turn to schools like the University of Wollongong and Victoria University, which have respective annual fees of AU$16,000 and AU$22,000.