Best Places to Live in Australia

Best Cities for International Students in Australia

Ranked third in terms of most popular destinations for international students, it might not come as a surprise that many of Australia’s most prominent cities rank within the top 30 best college towns in the world. With most of the population settling on the southeast coast, students studying in Australia enjoy temperate climate and beautiful beaches, along with some of the top universities in the world. Between the high quality of education and high quality of life, why wouldn’t you want to take your studies Down Under?

With highly regarded academic institutions spread across the country, it can be difficult to know where to start in terms of deciding where to study. If you don’t have a school or program in mind from the beginning, maybe the best thing to do is learn about the top student destinations in Australia.

Here are our top 5:

  1. Melbourne

Melbourne falls at the top of the list in Australia, and only at second place the world over – following Paris, France. Regarded as the Cultural Capital of Australia, the city is brimming with activities, from live music, festivals, sporting events, comedy, and more.

Not only is this the top location in Australia to study, it also tops the list of best places to live. The city has actually ranked number one on multiple occasions in terms of Most Livable Cities in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Located on the southern coast of the country, it is home to beautiful beaches, the Great Ocean Road, and a wide range of the best universities the country has to offer.

If you’re interested in Melbourne, you might begin your search with schools like the University of Melbourne and Victoria University.

  1. Sydney

Australia’s largest city ranks second on our list, and fourth in the world, proving that Australia has a high concentration of highly desirable cities for university students. Sydney actually ranks first in overall desirability, thanks to its combination of a high quality of life and a stunning mix of beaches and green spaces.

The city also hosts an impressive number of international students, with 25% of the student population at its 5 world-class universities hailing from overseas. Employment opportunities are widespread in the country’s economic capital, in industries of all sorts. Plus, with famous attractions like Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and Bondi Beach, students will always have activities to do and new places to explore.

If you’re interested in Sydney, you might begin your search with schools like the University of Sydney and University of New South Wales.

  1. Canberra

Many do not realize that Canberra is the capital of Australia. While it is not the largest city in the country, it is certainly a political, social, and cultural hub – perhaps this is why students flock to the city in astounding numbers each year, making it third on our list.

Having climbed 4 places in the last year, Canberra rests at number 17 when it comes to best student cities in the world. While it is not located directly on the ocean, it has a beautiful city with rivers and green spaces the ensure its residents – including its students – don’t forget the beauty of the nature of Australia. With one of the largest international student populations in the country, it’s no surprise that students continue to seek out education opportunities in the city.

If you’re interested in Canberra, you might begin your search with schools like the University of Canberra.

  1. Brisbane

Fourth on the list is Brisbane, which is tied in the global rankings with Auckland, New Zealand, at 18th best city for students in the world. Its large student population and friendly residents have continued to attract international students in increasing numbers – in fact, it jumped 5 place last year from 23rd.

Brisbane is not just for students: it’s an up-and-coming city that serves as tourist destination with the largest economy between Sydney and Singapore. Brisbane offers an ideal setting for students seeking a balance between urban and outdoor lifestyles. Awe-inspiring beaches, clear-skies climate, and a thriving sports culture coexist with a cosmopolitan downtown area offering an active nightlife and arts scene.

If you’re interested in Brisbane, you might begin your search with schools like the University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.

  1. Adelaide

The fifth largest city in Australia completes this list, ranking 26th in the world. It invited a large and diverse student population, which welcomes domestic and international students alike to the city that continues to grow in terms of student and traveler interest.

Located on the south coast of the country, Adelaide is renowned for its attractive streets and boulevards, open spaces, parklands, and beautiful city center. The city is in close proximity to beautiful beaches and islands on one side, and ti the Adelaide Hills on the other. For the student who enjoys a smaller city and the outdoors, especially hiking, cycling, or wildlife-watching Adelaide is for you. Don’t forget to sample some of Australia’s best wines at the nearby vineyards.

If you’re interested in Adelaide, you might begin your search with schools like Flinders University and Kaplan Business School.