Best Fields of Study in Australia

Best Fields to Study in Australia

With almost 500,000 international students leaving for Australia in droves, universities in the country have prepared to greet them with some of the best programs in nearly any field in the world. Equipped with among the best universities on a global scale, Australia has attracted top professors, students, and businesses, all of whom contribute to the flourishing academic environment provided.

Students who choose Australia as their destination often have the tendency to fall into a few particular fields of study, each of which Australia has a firm, strong grasp on. For many international students venturing to the country, popular degree programs with world-renown and intense rigor spell the reason for their journey away from home. Three of these top area of study are here below:

Medicine and Healthcare

Medicine and healthcare are not only some of the most popular degrees in Australia, but also the world over. Students from all backgrounds flock to top universities to study medicine in a wide range of fields and for a broad spectrum of purposes. Healthcare and medicine in Australia have particularly strong programs at a lower price than their US and UK counterparts, which might be part of the reason students choose Australia as their destination for this profession.

Medical students are in a good position, as the medical industry is largely made up of aging professionals, which means there will be room in the industry for more of them as surgeons, doctors, and others begin to retire. Financially, the career path is also incredibly fruitful and stable. In Australia, the highest category within medicine and healthcare is anesthetists, who make an average of AU$120 per hour. Other medical professionals include dermatologists, pathologists, etc.

For students interested in medicine and healthcare, you might begin with universities such as the University of Sydney and the University of Queensland.


Across the globe, engineering is a rising field of study and professional employment – and for good reason. With the technological growth the world is witnessing, there is an ever increasing need for engineers capable of keeping up with the changes coming our way. Engineers, whether in chemical, electrical, biomedical, mining, petroleum, or any other field, are being hired at higher rates for higher wages than many other fields, leading to an uptick in interest in the field of study.

Australia is well prepared to handle the influx of engineers, whichever category they may fall into. With several major mining companies announcing potential growth based on recent success, mining engineers have plenty of opportunity in the country. Electronics and airplane maintenance engineers are also high on the pay scale, as many have noted that the car industry on the way out of Australia, leaving room for aviation manufacturing and maintenance to take over in the industry.

For students interested in engineering, you might begin with universities such as Griffith University or Curtin University.


Undeniably one of the most prestigious degrees a student can earn, a Law degree is also one of the most expensive, regardless of where it is earned or what level a student is pursuing. The pay rate after gradation, however, is often astonishingly high, but those interested in pursuing this degree are urged to remember that it is not as exciting as it is often portrayed on television or in movies.

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading law schools, and the country prepares its students for the industry from the moment they enter tertiary education. Those looking to attend an undergraduate program in the country will be able to utilize their degree on a global scale, helping them enter into further education or internships or professional opportunities.

For students interested in law, you might begin with universities such as Murdoch University and Monash University.