Murdoch University

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Murdoch University

  • Perth
  • Australia

Murdoch University is a pace where freethinking intellectuals can come to succeed. Over 22,000 students have made their way here from 90 different countries to discover, invoke their imaginations, and to ultimately make an impact on the world around them. Across Australia, they are recognized for excellent teaching, groundbreaking research and a high number of satisfied students. Class sizes at the university are kept small, to give students greater to the highly regarded teaching staff. There is a close-knit community feel on campus where very person is valued. The Perth campus in western Australia has a range of facilities including a comprehensive vet hospital (with WA’s only equine operating theatres), engineering pilot plant, a chiropractic clinic, Media Arts center and more. Campus life lets students go beyond mere academics. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved, make lifelong friends, and have new experiences. Groups like the guild coordinate activities and clubs you can join, while acting as a voice for students and offering them support and a wide range of services.

Murdoch University: is accredited from the following countries (based on major)

  • Qatar Qatar
  • Bahrain Bahrain
  • Oman Oman
  • Kuwait Kuwait
  • Jordan Jordan
  • Syria Syria
  • Palestine Palestine
  • Lebanon Lebanon
  • Iraq Iraq
  • Egypt Egypt
  • Sudan Sudan
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  • About location of Murdoch University

  • LOCATIONCity: Perth          Population: 2022000

Perth is the largest city and the capital of the state of Western Australia, located on a narrow strip between the Indian Ocean and the Darling Scarp called the Swan Coastal Plain. Sitting where the Swan River meets the southwest coast, Perth is lined with sandy beaches, green parklands, and botanic gardens set on the side of the Eliza Mountain. The sophisticated, cosmopolitan city is home to a myriad of bars, restaurants, and cultural activities all vying for attention. Perth’s cultural center houses the state ballet and opera companies, and includes a theater, art galleries, and the Western Australian Museum. Kings Park is a often frequented sight in the city, as is the Perth Zoo and the Aquarium of Western Australia.