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Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK

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Cardiff University

Cardiff - UK

About the university

Cardiff University is ambitious and innovative with a bold vision for the future. The university has a strategic location in the beautiful and thriving city of Cardiff, capital city of Wales. The Research Excellence Framework ranked them 5th amongst UK universities for the quality and impact of their world-leading research. They continuously provide an outstanding education experience for their students that is driven by curiosity and creativity. The university strives to always fulfill social, cultural, and economic obligations to not only Cardiff and Wales, but to the rest of the international community. There are many exciting opportunities and experiences available to students. For spor

t enthusiasts, the university offers more than 60 sports clubs, ranging from everything from football and tennis to martial arts ad water sports. The Students’ Union provides an exciting mix of entertainment, clubs, and societies, supported by advice and resource services. The city of Cardiff itself offers much to students. The city has a breezy, waterfront location, with an excellent quality of life and distinctive character. There are regular food, art, and craft festivals along remarkable landscapes in this cosmopolitan city. Between the academic excellence of the university and the culture of the surrounding city, Cardiff University is the perfect place to embark on your study experience.

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University Location

Cardiff is the capital and largest city in Wales, embracing the role with vigor and emerging as one of Britain’s leading urban centers. The lively and modern city intrigues visitors interested in history and Welsh culture. With its myriad of large festivals, al fresco dining, and classy bars, Cardiff is quickly becoming one of the UK’s tourism hotspots. Cardiff is sometimes referred to as the “City of Castles”, with five different castles in the surrounding area, along with an ancient fort and a

n ultramodern waterfront. Cardiff has a strong sporting and cultural presence, playing host to most Welsh sporting events. Part of the city’s charm is that the city center gains an extraordinary atmosphere when a match is on, filling with attendees and revelers.

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