76654 - Bachelor Dentistry

Kharkiv National Medical University - KNMU, Kharkiv, Ukraine

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About the university

Kharkiv National Medical University was founded in 1805, formerly known as Kharkiv Medical Institute and is a medical university in Kharkiv, Ukraine. While the history of the higher medical school in Kharkiv is more than 200 years long and closely connected with the history of V. N, because it sprang from its Medical Faculty. The University has a complex of modern buildings to provide the teaching process, and 5 hostels. All the students of the graduate and post-graduate stages of training are provided with hostels. In addition to provides 65 departments, each fitted out with modern classrooms and the opportunities for high-quality training of students. Ukraine has a teeming population of s

tudents undergoing higher education, in different fields and specializations. Among this population is a growing community of international students, arriving annually for educational purposes. In addition, international graduation certificates are awarded to students within the framework of the higher education system, which also includes foreign students.

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University Location

Kharkiv is a city in northeast Ukraine, and with a million and a half people, the second largest city in the country. A main cultural, educational and industrial hub, Kharkiv once served as the nation’s capital briefly in the early 20th century. It features zoos, a history museum, and Sprawling Freedom Square, one of the widest squares in the world and home to the constructivist Derzhprom building. The city is also a center for Ukraine's fledgling IT industry, with an active rock-music scene and

a sprouting hipster culture. Large music and cinema festivals are hosted in Kharkiv almost every year.

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