116597 - Bachelor Pharmacy

Misr University for Science and Technology, 6th of October City, Egypt

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Misr University for Science and Technology

6th of October City - Egypt

About the university

Misr University for Science & Technology (MUST) was established by presidential decree in 1996 as a private university in Egypt. MUST offers its student body of over 15,000 degrees in Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Ph.D. in different fields of study. MUST is an active member of the Association of Arab universities, boasting 12 faculties, including medicine, dental surgery, engineering, business and economics, mass media and communication technology, and more. It is affiliated with five institutes, including the High Institute for Tourism and Hotels, October High Institute for Engineering and Technology, Souad Kafafi Foundation for Integrated Soc

ial Care (S.K.F), and Souad Kafafi Integrated Language Learning School. Over 400 faculty and staff oversee the educating of students from around the world at this prestigious university

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University Location

6th of October City is located in Giza Governorate, a suburb town that falls within the urban area of Cairo, a mere 32 kilometers outside the city. It has a population ranging between 185,000 in the city to an estimated 500,000 inhabitants in the wider surrounding area. A new city in the desert, it hosts Egyptian students and students from various countries, such as the Persian Gulf, Jordan, Nigeria, Cameroon, Syria, Iraq, and the Palestinian territories, who study at its private universities. T

he settlement was established in 1979 and sits just 17 kilometers from the great pyramids of Giza. A quickly growing region, it is expected that the city will eventually reach 6 million inhabitants. The city's name commemorates the commencement of the October War on the 6 October 1973, the same date chosen as Egypt's Armed Forces Day. 6th of October City has one of the largest industrial zones in Egypt on which the entire city is established. It also offers its students a wide variety of entertainment and leisure activities for families and individuals.

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