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Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt

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Tanta University

Tanta - Egypt

About the university

First founded in 1962 under Alexandria University with only a faculty of medicine, Tanta University became an independent university in 1972 under the name University of the Middle Delta. When it became Tanta University the following year, it had expanded to include faculties of science, agriculture, and education. Almost 50 years later, Tanta University has 13 facilities and a technical institute catering to over 110,000 students from across Egypt, Africa, and the world. With two campuses in the city of Tanta, the university offers degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD levels. Its concerted efforts to create an environment that balances rigorous academic activity, community service, and

scientific research has inspired the enrollment of a global student body looking to be challenged in rigorous academic pursuit, preparing them to enter into their respective fields equipped with the knowledge and experience they need to succeed.

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University Location

Tanta is the fifth-largest city in Egypt when it comes to population, with almost 421,076. Tanta is located 94 km north of Cairo and 130 km southeast of Alexandria. The capital of Gharbia Governorate, it has long been a center for the cotton-ginning industry. The city is also home to three annual festivals, in honor of Ahmad al-Badawi, a revered Sufi figure of the 13th century, who founded the Badawiyya Tariqa in Egypt and is buried in Ahmad Al-Badawi Mosque, the main mosque of Tanta. Known for

its sweets shops and roasted chickpeas, Tanta is an ideal destination for food lovers and students with a sweet tooth. Culturally, what originally began in Cairo spread to Tanta, filmmaking and other art forms have become very popular in Tanta in recent years. A group of young Egyptians began showing European movie screenings at Rivoli Cinema, the oldest cinema in Tanta, and began the Association of Cinema and Literature Lovers Group to encourage young filmmakers in Tanta. Students looking for a destination that is slightly less hectic than Alexandria or Cairo, but with access to each, will find their home in Tanta.

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