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Assiut University, Asyut, Egypt

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Assiut University

Asyut - Egypt

About the university

Established in 1957, Assiut University offers a range of Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and associate degrees in Arabic, English, French, or German, catering to the diversity of its large student population. With two campuses, one near Assiut and the other in the Narrow Valley, Assiuet University is Upper Egypt’s first university, set just shy of 400 kilometres from Cairo. Students can study in one of the university’s 16 faculties or three institutes, offering them prestigious programs in an array of fields, including science, engineer, agriculture, commerce, education, law, and more. It is also affiliated with a children’s hospital, women's health hospital, urology and neurology specialist hosp

ital, liver hospital, and a neurology and psychiatry hospital, giving its medical students first-hand access to top facilities. Students from around the world attending Assiut University will have no trouble finding a degree path to follow and a familiar language to learn in, making it a terrific option for those looking to take their studies to Egypt.

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University Location

Asyut is the capital of the Asyut Governorate in Egypt, which has one of the largest Coptic Catholic bishopric churches in the country. The ancient city of the same name is situated nearby. Located about 375 kilometers south of Cairo, the city of Asyut is the largest town in Upper Egypt and houses one of the largest universities in the country. The city dates back to ancient Egyptian times and has been known by many different names throughout history. In Pharaonic times, the city was named Syut,

then later it was called Lycopolis by the Greeks, or the city of the wolf. The countryside surrounding the city is strewn with beautiful vibrant hues, with fields marked by a renowned canal system. Among the ancient marvels present in the city, the Necropolis of Asyut signifies the historic importance of the place with its tomb built for many noteworthy and significant religious leaders

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