Most Affordable Universities in Canada

Most Affordable Universities in Canada.a

While Canada is widely known to be a relatively more affordable option for international students when compared to other major destinations like the US, UK, and Australia, the schools in the country still have a range of tuition fees.

So, for those students concerned about their budgets, which Canadian universities are the most affordable while still providing among the highest quality when it comes to educations programs.

We’ve compiled a list of the most affordable universities in Canada:

  1. Mount Royal University

Annual Tuition: 11,500

Located in Alberta, Mount Royal University is a public school that welcomes just under 10,000 students to its campus each year. Its reputation for personalized learning in smaller class sizes has attracted students for more than 100 years. Mount Royal is renowned for its academic excellence, its dedication to undergraduate student success, and its focus on teaching and learning informed by scholarship.

  1. University of Manitoba

Annual Tuition: 13,000 CAD

The University of Manitoba offers a full and diverse range of programs, including certificate programs, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, and opportunities for postdoctoral education in many disciplines. The university is research-intensive and is home to 54 research facilities that foster collaborative research and scholarship in areas including applied ethics, aging, cell biology, transportation, health policy, earth observation science and theoretical physics.

  1. University of Saskatchewan

Annual Tuition: 13,000 CAD

The University of Saskatchewan, a member of a group of the top 15 research universities in Canada, is a major research-intensive institution and. The picturesque main campus is home to a full range of programming, including the health sciences. Discovery is enhanced by world-class research facilities, including the Canadian Light Source synchrotron, VIDO-InterVac, the Global Institute for Food Security, the Sylvia Fedoruk Center for Nuclear Innovation and the Global Institute for Water Security.

  1. University of Winnipeg

Annual Tuition: 13,500 CAD

University of Winnipeg is an urban campus in Manitoba’s largest city. It is a welcoming institution known for academic excellence, Indigenous scholarship, small class sizes, campus diversity, and a commitment to sustainability. UW offers career-oriented education based in strong academic practices, having embraced the shared knowledge pf Indigenous peoples’ culture by introducing the Indigenous Course Requirement (ICR) for all new students.

  1. McMaster University

Annual Tuition: 15,000 CAD

Founded in 1887, McMaster University is one of Canada’s most highly regarded and innovative universities. A research-focused university, McMaster is renowned for its ground-breaking approaches to teaching and learning and world-class interdisciplinary research. Its main campus is situated in Hamilton, set amid 300 acres at the western end of Lake Ontario, and is home to 12 residences, four libraries, a research reactor, a planetarium, and the McMaster Museum of Art, one of the finest public art galleries in the country.

  1. University of Victoria

Annual Tuition: 15,000 CAD

University of Victoria prides itself on the combination of dynamic learning, research, and academic environment for discovery and innovation. The university focuses on research-driven, hands-on learning experiences that accelerate personal growth and career success in its students, who address challenges that matter to people, places, and the planet. Healthy societies, sustainability, social justice, a strong economy, and community engagement are at the core of UV’s commitment to vital impact through cutting-edge research.

  1. Dalhousie University

Annual Tuition:15,000

Dalhousie University is Atlantic Canada’s leading research university and a home of the region’s leading intellectual, social, and economic development. Located in the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia, with an Agricultural Campus in Truro, Dalhousie is a truly national and international university. More than half of the 18,500 students come from outside the province and another 16% from countries spanning the globe. The university also has 90 Rhodes Scholars among its alumni.