University of Saskatchewan

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University of Saskatchewan

  • Saskatoon
  • Canada

The University of Saskatchewan, founded in 1907, is a Canadian public research university located in Saskatchewan, Canada. The University of Saskatchewan is one of Canada’s top research universities and is a member of the U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities. Academically, a wide variety of courses and programs are offered among varied fields of study. Furthermore, several services and facilities are provided to all students including; student services, career services, disability services for students, student learning services, protective services, scholarships, health services, a library, bookstores, housing services and more. In addition to the Aboriginal Students’ center which offers personal, social, cultural and academic support through programs, services and events held throughout the academic year. Study at the University of Saskatchewan, change yourself and change the world

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  • About location of University of Saskatchewan

  • LOCATIONCity: Saskatoon         

Saskatoon is the largest city in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. It is surrounded by endless fields of shimmering wheat; it is a pocket of Saskatchewan's culture, vitality, and welcoming prairie spirit. These days, city streets are buzzing with an infusion of new restaurants and residents, breweries and bars, making Saskatoon one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. Saskatoon comes alive in summer, with celebrations like jazz, theater, and folk festivals. Sports and recreation also play an important role in the city’s growth; being known for ice hockey and Canadian football. The city is easy to explore by foot, vehicle, or bike.