Why Study in Australia

Why Study in Australia?

The home of kangaroos and wallabies is also home to the third largest international student population in the world. In fact, in 2017, the number of international students in the country is up 15% over the previous year, with a total number of almost 500,000 studying Down Under. The island-continent is home to a variety of environments, cultures, and educational institutions that attract students from across the globe to this English-speaking, surf-loving country in the South Pacific.

Already one of the top destinations for businesses, travelers, and students, Australia tempts more people with each passing year. Why should you join the ranks of students swarming to the country to continue their studies? Here are 5 reasons to add Australia to your list of international destinations for your studies:

World-Class Institutions

Australia is home to 43 universities, 40 of which are publicly-funded, 2 of which are international, and one of which is a private institution. Between these institutions, students can find a top-notch program that leads them to achieve nearly any degree they can imagine. Schools like the University of Sydney offer some of the widest range of courses and programs in the world, spread across 12 faculties and schools within the university.

Australia ranks 15th when it comes to world education systems, falling squarely between the US and New Zealand. This high ranking has attracted a consistently increasing number of students to the country to take part in programs at universities with global renown and degrees that translate to some of the highest post-graduate employment ratings in the world.

Employment Opportunities

Australia offers a wealth of employment opportunities for international students and graduates. For those looking to work part-time while they study in the country, Australia provides a wealth of opportunities to make a little extra cash on the side. In particular, the ease with which students can gain employment on a student visa [link to work/study in Australia article] gives them the advantage they need to work while they study. Jobs can be located on campus or in private offices and settings in the surrounding areas.

The employment opportunities don’t stop at graduation, though. Students who study in Australia may well fall in love with the country, and might even seek out opportunities to stay after they complete their degree to begin their career in the beautiful country. It consistently welcomes among the highest numbers of expatriates in the world, making it a top destination for work and even culture.

Diverse Multiculturalism

Australia is an incredibly diverse country, not only in its myriad of expatriates and international students that venture to its businesses, schools, and beaches, but also in its local population. With over 25% of Australians having been born overseas, the country experiences a diversity that is matched by few other locations in the world.

The country is home to a wide range of aboriginals, who have inhabited the island for thousands of years. Additionally, much of its population is composed of immigrants that have hailed from over 200 countries within the past few centuries. To the benefit of those who live in and visit the country, this multiculturalism translates into incredible culinary offerings, social gatherings, and events and festivals celebrating the traditions of those who call the country home.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Maybe it’s the surf; maybe it’s the sun; maybe it’s both. Whatever the reason, Australians are considered some of the most laid-back people on earth – they enjoy their lives, their country, their friends, and their beer. This, however, does not translate to laziness or shirking of responsibilities. Students in Australia are faced with high expectations and are required to meet them in order to progress through their degree program.

In Australia though, while a commitment to your studies will be needed in order for you to graduate, don’t think that the same commitment to leisure and fun doesn’t exist. It essentially comes down to this: whether it’s work or play, Australians don’t mess around or take anything for granted. When you study alongside them, you can expect to work harder than you ever have, but also have the time of your life doing it.

Beautiful Nature, Weather, and Cities

Home to the Great Barrier Reef, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and of course the famed Australian outback, Australia provides students from around the world with endless opportunities to explore, adventure, and experience the country’s natural beauty that has attracted travelers and tourists for decades. Located on the bridge between the South Pacific and the Southern Indian Ocean, Australia has a temperate climate and tons of beautiful settings for students to escape to.

Students can enjoy weekend excursions to the Gold Coast or to check out some of the old rock formations in the world while taking a stunning hike through the mountains. After class or on days off, they can adventure to beaches, harbors, or islands near their city. Even the suburbs and neighborhood surrounding some of Australia’s most famous cities are renowned for their culture, cuisine, and nightlife.