Top Fields of Study in New Zealand

Looking Forward – Top Subjects to Study in New Zealand

Thousands of students from around the world flock to New Zealand each year to take part in its world-class education system. Studying at one of the country’s schools, many of which are rated among the top in the world, can further student’s resumes, help their degrees, and broaden their perspective sof the world.

New Zealand might be geographically small, but it has proven to be ready to compete with the big guys like the US, Australia, and China when it comes to educational quality and breadth of course offerings. With so many opportunities begging to be explored, how can a student decide what to study in the country?

Here are some of the most popular fields of study for international students in New Zealand:

Business Administration

New Zealand is witnessing a growth in its economy that is inspiring an expansion of businesses in the country and, if they aren’t established there already, into the country. As opportunities in business continue to broaden and experience rapid growth, more and more students choose to attend universities that can offer them the best business programs the country – and, in many cases, the world – has to offer.

A Bachelor’s degree in business administration does not only open up opportunities for employment in one of the most stable industries in the country – it also prepares students to enroll in one of the most popular graduate programs in the world: Master’s of Business Administration. New Zealand is also widely known for the quality of its Master’s programs in this field. So, whether you’re seeking a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in business, New Zealand will have a high-quality program at a world-renowned university fit perfectly for you.

New Zealand universities known for their programs in business include the University of Aukland and Massey University [link to Findcourse Massey profile when available].


With the continued and increasing globalization of businesses, the responsibilities of accountants have witnessed a massive expansion, from merely preparing financial reports to becoming a much more dynamic and overarching professional field that includes the roles like business consultant or advisor. With a few significant overlaps with those studying business, accounting students will also be looking at high-paying, very stable positions post-graduation – this, of course, lends to the degree’s popularity.

Some of the most popular career paths and opportunities for students who graduate with a degree in accounting include Chartered Accountant, Tax Specialist, Business Consultant, and Management Accountant. New Zealand, with its wealth of world-class universities and its constantly growing business world, is a great attraction for international students looking to study and begin careers in accounting.

New Zealand universities known for their programs in accounting include WINTEC and University of Otago [link to Findcourse Otago profile when available].


Another field of study commonly included in the list of top areas of study in international settings is engineering. In New Zealand, we find its popularity makes it fall within the top three degree paths, as well. The appeals of engineering has failed to dissipate, and the course of study remains a favorite among students. One of the many reasons might be that specializations like Software Engineering frequently top the list of highest paid professions.

In addition to high pay, engineers can rest easy in the knowledge that their career path is viewed as incredibly stable, meaning that high pay will likely keep coming consistently. There are many universities across the world offering courses across multiple areas within engineering, but New Zealand’s internationally recognized, state-of-the-art research facilities, and tuition fees structure is epping up to challenge the system. Smaller class size is another feature of engineering courses in the country.

New Zealand universities known for their programs in engineering include the University of Waikato and Victoria University of Wellington [link to Findcourse Victoria University profile when available].