Best MBA program in Malaysia

The Best MBA Programs in Malaysia

For prospective students looking to continue their education in business, either straight from undergraduate or after having gained experience in the “real world,” why not investigate the widespread opportunities in one of the fastest and most steadily growing markets in the world? Taking your studies to Southeast Asia, students can benefit from witnessing, researching, and directly impacting the growing business needs in Malaysia.

Malaysia is a newer marketplace than many of its Southeast and Eastern Asian neighbors, despite its close proximity to well establish hubs of China, Hong Kong, and Singapore. However, it has already been tapped and has witnessed impressive growth since its independence was claimed over 50 years ago. For the tech-savvy, entrepreneurial-minded, problem-solving businessperson, it would be difficult to find a more ideal location to continue your studies and earn a postgraduate degree.

Here is a list of the best MBA programs in Malaysia based on a variety of factors:

...the price

For the cost-conscious student, Malaysia is already one of the top destinations given its low cost of living [insert Cost of Living in Malaysia article] and high quality of life. But the good news doesn’t stop there: the cost of education in the country, especially for those local schools rising through the ranks year by year, is low in comparison to other top destinations. When it comes to the most cost-effective MBA programs, University UTARA Malaysia is an ideal place to start.

Internationally accredited by AMBA, AACSB, ABEST21, and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), University UTARA Malaysia, Otham Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business’s MBA program attracts students from around the world. The program, designed for those with experience in the world of business beyond mere undergraduate education, equips businessmen and -women with multidisciplinary knowledge and perspectives, developing their ability to lead flexible and responsible organizations in the era of globalization.

Established in 1986 as the sixth public Malaysian university, University UTAR Malaysia is the only university in the country originally designed to specialize in management education. Its graduate business school the sole one in Malaysia to have a comprehensive pool of faculty members in every area business management, including Accounting, Banking and Finance, International Business, Marketing, Production and Operation.

Learn more about University UTARA Malaysia, Otham Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business’s MBA program here.

...the large campus student

Some students find comfort in being part of the larger crowd – learning a new environment and culture by observing patterns and experiencing the unfamiliar surrounded by others undergoing a similar process. If this sounds like you, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia’s (UTM) MBA program could be the right choice for you.

UTM’s MBA program develops managerial leaders equipped with relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills, which will allow them to successfully build, manage, and maintain organizations in a constantly changing environment. Upon their completion of 10 core foundation courses in business and management, MBA students can concentrate in Strategic Management, Technopreneurship, Healthcare-, or General Management.

Located less than an hour from the international business hub of Singapore, students attending Universiti Teknologi Malaysia are afforded the opportunity to learn with influence from both this major city and its home country’s capital of Kuala Lumpur. The school has a student body numbering over 21,000, one-third of whom are international.

Learn more about Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, International Business School’s MBA program here.

...the small campus student

While some students prefer to blend into the larger crowd, others find comfort in being surrounded by a more limited number of colleagues. Smaller student populations often have notable benefits, including more direct access to professors and a more tight-knit relationships throughout and beyond a degree program. If this is your preference when seeking an MBA program, consider Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN).

UNITEN’s MBA program nurtures students with the management of people and ideas, helping students build confidence in strategically moving their respective organizations to a higher level. The curriculum is designed to fulfill the current and immediate needs of professional who seek to achieve more in their endeavors. Students enrolled in the program tend to have approximately 5 years’ experience, apart from undergraduate studies.

UNITEN provides its students with academic programs spread across two world-class campuses, Putrajaya and Muadzam Shah. These programs focus on Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management and related areas.

Learn more about Universiti Tenaga Nasional’s MBA program here.

...the name recognition

In an industry embodying the idea that who you know will get you even further than what you know, attending a large, internationally-renowned university can stand to help your odds when applying for positions and beginning your career. For students looking for name recognition, University of Malaya is the best option.

UM’s rigorous program provides its students with theoretical concepts and analytical tools that prepare them for the complexities and challenges of increasingly dynamic and globalized business. Courses extend beyond the boundaries of textbooks, providing a broad understanding of theories with real world issues. If the name isn’t enough, the UM MBA is fully accredited by AMBA, representing the highest standard of achievement in postgraduate business education.

The highest-rated school in Malaysia, University of Malaya is a public institution on nearly 1,000 acres of campus. An internationally renowned institution of higher learning in research, innovation, publication, and teaching, the university welcomes over 17,000 students each year.

Learn more about University of Malaya’s MBA program here.


This part is where you come in. Weighing the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, focuses and emphases of different universities can be a challenging task. Be sure to consider your top priorities – whether you want to study for one year or two, what your budget looks like, and where you would like you see yourself post-graduation – before making your final decision and sending in your applications.

It’s a big decision, but whatever you choose, the breadth and quality of MBA programs in Malaysia provide the perfect place to begin or continue your career once you’ve completed your chosen MBA program.