Top Fields of Study in Malaysia

Looking Forward – Top Subjects to Study in Malaysia

Over 63,000 international students from over 100 countries travel to study at one of Malaysia’s 69 universities each year. From its variety of academic institutions, range of fields of study, and many post-graduate career options, it’s not surprising that students from around the globe are excited to take advantage of the opportunities provided one of the most beautiful countries on earth. But with so many options to choose from, how do you narrow down what you want to study?

Here are some of the top fields of study for international students in Malaysia:


Engineering is one of the most popular fields of study the world over, and Malaysia is no exception. With traditionally high salaries and an expectation of stability for those in the field, it’s no wonder this tops the list in courses to consider studying in Malaysia.

There are two primary areas of engineering that are of heightened interest in Malaysia: petroleum and mechanical. Petroleum and oil are a massive driver of Malaysia’s steadily growing economy. The presence of major oil companies like Shell, BP, and Esso in the country have spurred an increase in the number and quality of university programs and students who choose to pursue such a degree. For those interested in mechanical engineering, Malaysia’s booming manufacturing, automotive, and power generation sectors attract students studying the broader degree.

Malaysian universities known for their programs in engineering include University of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman University – UTAR, and Universiti Malaysia Salawak.

IT and Computer Science

Computer science, those working behind it, and intelligent systems are increasingly at work around the globe. They support and drive everything from the daily weather report to new research discoveries, pushing developments in new scientific frontiers such as bioinformatics, gaming, networking, and artificial intelligence.

Malaysia is undeniably an international technological hub – in fact, much of the country’s future growth relies squarely on the development of technology. Research and development within IT and computer science are among the most highly sought-after degrees for leading businesses in the country. For students with a passion for technology, a curiosity about the future, and a drive to impact it through science, this career path would be the perfect fit – and Malaysia would be the ideal destination for your studies and first career steps.

 Malaysian universities known for their programs in IT and computer science include Monash University in Malaysia, University of Technology Malaysia, and Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation.

Finance and Accounting

Malaysia, to the surprise of many, is actually the world’s largest Islamic banking and financial hub. This makes the financial sector in the country one of the most attractive areas for both students and professionals from around the world. In fact, within about 3 years, the industry is expected to create almost 300,000 new jobs.

Students who studied finance, accounting, and business in undergrad – and those who have earned their MBAs – are highly sought after throughout the country, particularly in its major international hub of Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia’s financial sector witnessed impressive resiliency during the financial crisis of the past decade, even progressing quickly toward the end of extreme poverty throughout the country. With a wide range of opportunities in various sectors within the banking and finance industry, Malaysia is an ideal destination for students looking to begin a career in business.

Malaysian universities known for their programs in finance and accounting include UCSI, University Putra Malaysia, and Universiti Tenaga Nasional.