Study English in Canada

Canada is known to the world as a very safe country, which has an elegant history, global archaeology and a variety of climates with warm Summers and cold Winters. Canada is a multi-rooted country which means it has a rich culture. Moreover, it has a wide sector of the best universities and schools that get the best recognition and evaluations.

Applying for a visa is crucial before international students decide to travel to Canada. You can read more about visa conditions and requirements for Canada here: Do I need a visa to Canada

The education system of English language schools and colleges is a high-quality system and offers the international student excellent qualifications which are well-known to the entire world and especially to Arab Countries. English language schools exist in all the cities of Canada. You should consider that the prices vary from one school to another and from one city to another.

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International students can choose whether to live with a homestay family that will normally help them to increase their ability to speak the language by directly engaging with the Canadian culture, in a student residence or in a hotel during the study period. You can read more about the accommodation options in Canada here: Student accommodation in Canada

English Language schools exist in almost all the districts of Canada like Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia, and the most important and famous ones are:

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