Study English in Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country with marvelous and varied landscapes that include big cities, wide green countryside and lots of islands. The locals are famous for being friendly and hospitable people, contributing to Malaysia being one of the most desired countries for international students from around the world to travel and stud English.


International students will face no problems when it comes to the desired type of food for there is halal food and different nationality restaurants in Malaysia.

Visa procedures are easy and not complicated. You can read more about the visa requirements to Malaysia here: Do I need a visa to Malaysia


When it comes to the study cost, Malaysia has the lowest prices of all countries.

You can read more about the study cost in Malaysia here: Cost of studying in Malaysia


The students can choose whether to live in an apartment, in a residence or in an affordable hotel during the study period. You can read more about the accommodation options in Malaysia here: Student accommodation in Malaysia

There are several English language schools in Malaysia such as:

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