Study English in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its geographical isolation, located 2,000 kilometers (1,200 miles) to the south-east of Australia across the Tasmania Sea. Most of the people who live in New Zealand are of European origin and the native language used is English.

New Zealand, considered as one of the developed countries that are highly classified in several manners like education, economic freedom and lack of corruption, is one the most suitable places to live.

Students should be aware of the kind of visa that is needed to travel to New Zealand.

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The education system in New Zealand is characterized by a high-quality strategy that is ensured by New Zealand Universities. Moreover, New Zealand has several high-quality English language schools which have been globally classified as top quality. This is one of the reasons that make New Zealand famous for students from around the world. The study costs in New Zealand are average compared to other countries. Prices vary from one school to another and from one city to another based on location, size, and quality.

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International students can choose whether to live with a homestay family which is the most common choice in New Zealand, in a residence or in a hotel of your choice during the study period. You can read more about the accommodation options in New Zealand here: Student accommodation in New Zealand

Foreign students who travel to New Zealand to study rarely face any problems or feel isolated from the local people. Furthermore, most of the schools in New Zealand help the students in all sorts of ways with accommodation, study support and helping students find jobs. There are several schools with various activities and methods of study. We advise you with the best as follows:

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