Study English in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the most desired countries for students to study whether for English language or University studies. Studying in the UK enables students to have the unique opportunity to speak and learn English where the language originated from and experience the unique history and culture of Great Britain. Visa procedures have become less complicated for students and Findcourse team can help with the whole visa process.

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The United Kingdom has several academies and English language schools in many famous cities which international students attend to study and travel at the same time, such as London, Liverpool, Manchester, Brighton, Torbay, and York. The study costs in the UK vary and you should consider that the study cost at some schools in big cities like London is more expensive than the small towns and cities such as Torbay, plus some schools have an international brand and others are local and small.

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The student can choose whether to live with a homestay family, in a residence or in a hotel during the study period. You can read more about the accommodation options in the UK here: Student accommodation in UK


Britain is distinguished by its elegant high-qualified English language schools that are spread around the country. Furthermore, the UK is the home of the English language helping to attract more foreign students than other countries do. Here is a list of the best UK English language schools:

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