Student accommodation in Ireland

One of most important factors that international students will consider when the searching for a language school is finding and choosing the right accommodation. Also, some international students might be interested in other factors such as accommodation cost, accommodation distance, if there's good transportation to the school and if halal food is available.

Most English language schools in Ireland provide accommodation options to international students so they can choose whether to live with a homestay family, in a residece or in a hotel during the study period.


Homestay Family: considered to be the cheapest choice and the most favoured type by international students. It is the perfect opportunity to develop your English language level by talking to the members of the family and explore the local culture. Moreover, some families provide food and several additional services such as clothes washing which depends on the type of agreement with the family.

International students will find many advantages when they decide to choose this specific type of accommodation, but in some big cities like Dublin, this type should be the last option to consider, for most families live in suburbs and most of English schools exist in commercial areas in the center of the city.

Also, international students should commit to the family’s rules and avoid any kind of disturbing habits like coming home late at night, bringing strangers home, loud music, and smoking inside the house.


Residence: a positive feature of living in a student residence is that international students will have the chance to meet other students from around the world. Also, this type has average prices, always exist near to the school and city/town centre so students don’t need any transportation, and has a varied cultural environment.


Hotel: international students would choose this type of accommodation if there are some circumstances like travelling with a companion (Wife, Mother, Son...etc.) or if the other types are not available or desired. Also, this type has many privileges that some students would desire like a private room, full hotel services, and always exist near to the school. However, the cost is usually higher than the other types.

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