Saint Mary's University

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Saint Mary's University

  • Halifax
  • Canada

The Saint Mary's University (SMU) is located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The school is best known for having nationally leading programs in business and chemistry, as well as one of the best Canadian women's basketball programs. Saint Mary’s University offers its students a high value education that is characterized by a strong global perspective, interdisciplinary courses, and signature undergraduate and graduate professional programs. Beside the ability of students to become accomplished practitioners in their chosen fields who are imbued with a lifelong thirst for knowledge. Further than education, SMU also operates many departments that help in the mission of serving students and making their lives at Saint Mary's the best possible. These departments include the volunteer department, events and programming, marketing and communications, the yearbook, the information desk and husky patrol. On the other hand, students will find many things to do nearby the campus; as the Halifax area has a variety of public spaces, ranging from urban gardens, public squares, expansive forested parks, and historic sites.

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  • About location of Saint Mary's University

  • LOCATIONCity: Halifax          Population: 390095

Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The city offers a fantastic quality of life, with sea breezes, clean air, leafy, manicured parks, and gardens nestled between heritage buildings. Halifax's urban core is home to a number of regional landmark buildings. The fortress of Citadel Hill with its iconic Halifax Clock Tower overlooks the downtown, while the south end of the city is renowned for its grand Victorian houses. The city embraces a thriving art, theater, and culinary scene, numerous pubs, a craft brew culture, and amazing music. Whether you want to stroll along the historic waterfront, check out a museum, or enjoy some a performance, Halifax has something of appeal for everyone.