Leibniz University of Hanover

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Leibniz University of Hanover

  • Hanover
  • Germany

Leibniz University of Hanover, founded in 1831, is a public university located in Hannover, Germany. It is also one of the oldest and largest science and technology universities in Germany. More than 160 full-time and part-time degree courses within nine faculties are offered at Leibniz University of Hanover. Furthermore, the university offers postgraduate courses and supplementary courses, studying while working, and further training courses. Leibniz Universität Hannover is among the world's leading institutions in its key research areas "Quantum Optics and Gravitational Physics", "Production Engineering", "Biomedical Research and Engineering", and "Interdisciplinary Studies of Science and Academia". Culture and sports are also other areas of interest at Leibniz University of Hanover through concerts and the universities’ sports center.
  • About location of Leibniz University of Hanover

  • LOCATIONCity: Hanover          Population: 520000

Hanover or Hannover on the River Leine, is the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. Lower Saxony’s capital is a university city and economic center that was once the seat of an Imperial Electorate. It is an important trade fair and festival center, noted for such events as Oktoberfest Hanover, one of the largest such celebrations in the world, as well as the Hanover Schützenfest, the world's largest marksmen's gathering. Hanover is also an important cultural center, and boasts numerous world-class museums, galleries, and theaters.