Why Study in Malta

Why Study in Malta

With a population of just 450,000 citizens, as well as guests, students, travelers, and more, Malta is one of the world’s smallest countries. An archipelago, the nation is made up of a group of islands, only a few of which are inhabited. Its strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of Sicily and North of the African continent, has given it a broad spectrum of historical significance that adds to the country’s natural beauty.

Its towns are rich in culture and its terrain is nothing short of majestic – the islands are surrounded by crystal clear water and the climate is nearly always warm, making it an ideal destination for any traveler.

For students looking to engage in a unique setting at a world-class institution, Malta is the place for you. If it’s not already on your list, here are 5 reasons you might want to reconsider:

Renowned Education System

One of the most important aspects for students to consider before they choose the country in which they want to study is not just the universities available there, but also the education system into which they have been built. The strength of Malta’s education system is very highly regarded the world over, leading thousands of students to flock to the archipelago each year for their studies.

The country is home to an array of public, private, and international schools, each of which subscribe to a variety of curricula. Overall, however, Malta tends to follow the British structure and curriculum, which is one of the leading in the world. Students attending programs in the country know that they are receiving top-notch education based on a system known around the globe.

Safe and Friendly

Safety for students is also a primary concern when they take their studies to an international desitnations. Their parents and families can rest easy knowing they have chosen a location that is secure and well regarded internationally, as well.

Students venturing to Malta will be welcomed with open arms by locals, who love their country’s guests and strive to interact with them in every possible circumstance. Not only is the country widely friendly toward tourists, students, and others, but it is also safe: crime and violence are very low in the archipelago, and it is rarely caught in the middle of any international conflicts.

Wealth of Opportunities

Despite being one of the smallest countries on earth, Malta has an incredibly varied culture, landscape, and history that provides something for everyone. Regardless of a student’s background, heritage, interests, or passions, the archipelago will doubtlessly provide them with something to satisfy their goals and entertain their interests.

Students can choose from a range of institutions, explore a plethora of sites, and take part in many excursions. In short, you’ll never be bored in this Mediterranean destination, which maintains a temperate climate year-round and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful, crystal clear water on the planet.

Varied, Rich History

Malta’s location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea made it a significant cluster of islands for a variety of long-standing and powerful empires and people groups. These groups left their marks on the island and have continued to shape it throughout its history, leaving behind them a range of beautiful sites and historical relics.

The list of those that have ruled or laid claim to the islands over the course of their history include the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Spanish, Knights of St. John, French, and British, meaning that the beautiful culture of the archipelago is shaped largely by its fascinating history.

International Students

Malta, with its history, culture, weather, and strong academic programs, has attracted students from across the globe to its beautiful coastline, ancient towns, and revered institutions. The international culture of the island is not limited to students or travelers – in fact, the archipelago is home to a fair number of expatriates from across the globe, as well.

Choosing to study here will put you among other top scholars and give you insight into even more cultures and traditions from around the globe. Malta is a truly unique destination to take your studies, so why hesitate? Check out the universities and programs the country has to offer today.