Most Affordable Universities in Hungary

Most Affordable Universities in Hungary for International Students

With an impressive education system that inspires tens of thousands of students from around the world to journey to the country, Hungary offers an array of high-quality universities at a relatively low cost, even to non-EU international students. As a premier destination for international study, Hungary is home to 25 universities and a range of colleges and institutions.

While the cost is relatively lower than some of the Western European countries, it is important for students to understand that there is still a range when it comes to annual tuition fees. To help you investigate what these costs might look like, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the highest-ranking, lower cost universities in the country:

  1. Eötvös Loránd University

Annual Tuition: 2200 EUR

Founded in 1635, Eötvös Loránd University is one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary. The public research institution is home to over 28,000 students, each of whom is enrolled in one of the school’s eight faculties. Composed of research institutes throughout the city of Budapest, Eötvös Loránd University boasts an impressive alumni network, complete with 5 Nobel laureates and winners of various other enviable and global academic awards.

  1. University of Pannonia

Annual Tuition: 2415 EUR

Set in beautiful Veszprém, the University of Pannonia was founded in 1949 and is organized in five faculties, including Arts and Humanities, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics, and Information Technology. The school offers a high-quality education to its students, built upon cutting edge research activities and in cooperation with regional industries and governments.

  1. University of Szeged

Annual Tuition: 3000 EUR

The University of Szeged is one of Hungary’s top-ranking universities. Named after its location in the country’s third-largest city, the university was deemed a top school in Hungary by QS. For students interested in the environment, Szeged is the “greenest” university in Hungary, devoting many efforts to incorporating sustainability into its facilities and programs. Both its library and campus have been listed as some of the most beautiful in the world, so students can enjoy Hungary’s beauty while they study.

  1. Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Annual Tuition: 3200 EUR

Budapest University of Technology and Economics is renowned both domestically and globally for its programs and courses. The university’s technology and informatics degree programs earned first place in Hungarian rankings, followed closely by its programs in science and economics. Its mission is to educate professionals for the industry in a wide range of disciplines, including technology, informatics, natural sciences, economics, business, and management.

  1. Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Annual Tuition: 4300 EUR

Providing education and training to future actors of the Hungarian cultural scene in visual arts, the Hungarian University of Fine Arts offers practical training in addition to theoretical subjects, which comprise a fundamental component of education at the institution. While maintaining a strong grasp on tradition, the school consistently introduces new departments in tandem with and response to the fresh trends of contemporary arts.

  1. Budapest Metropolitan University

Annual Tuition: 4400 EUR

At Budapest Metropolitan University, the art of creative education is a core value, embodied in its teaching methods, its approach to education, and its students’ attitude. This outlook as attracted a consistently growing number of students, fostered multiple education venues and campuses, and brought about a diverse range of programs. Today, BMU is the biggest private University in Hungary.

  1. University of West Hungary

Annual Tuition: 4550 EUR

At the forefront of the Hungarian higher educational institutions, the University of West Hungary is home to the fifth largest student population in the country. With campuses in five of Hungary’s most beautiful, cultural, and historic cities, UWH reaches 20,000 students who engage in their intellectual pursuits in state-of-the-art facilities under the tutelage of industry leaders and academics.

  1. University of Debrecen

Annual Tuition: 4750 EUR

The oldest continually operating university in Hungary, the University of Debrecen was founded in 1538. Thanks to a world-renowned program in the English language established education in English in 1986 for international students, there are nearly 4000 students from abroad studying at the university, most of whom are attracted to the school’s medical program.

  1. Cornivus University of Budapest

Annual Tuition: 4900 EUR

Corvinus University of Budapest regards itself as a research university that focuses on education. With a student body of over 14,000, the university offers educational programs in fields such as business administration, economics, and social sciences. The University was ranked in the top 50 European Masters in Management programs, and is comprised of six faculties, with courses taught in English, Hungarian, French, and German.

  1. Budapest Business School

Annual Tuition: 6600 EUR

Budapest Business School has a unique offering for its students, in that it is officially the oldest public business school in the world, and second oldest among all business schools. As Hungary's market leading and largest business school, BBS provides a curriculum based in leadership, economics, operations management, marketing, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, and other areas.