How Much to Live in the UK

Cost of Living in the UK

Even after Brexit, the UK pound (GBP) has maintained its status as one of the strongest currencies in the world. In fact, 1 GBP is the equivalent of 1.35 USD, meaning that the currency’s strength still tops that of the European Euro and the Omani Riyal. This, along with widespread belief that the UK is one of the most expensive places to live in the world, might seem rather daunting to students considering the UK as a place to pursue their studies and begin or continue their careers.

However, the high prices associated with the UK are not necessarily all that they seem. So, for the nearly half-a-million students who flock to the British Isles to pursue their undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies, what should they expect to spend during their time in the country?

One Year of Studying in the UK

While the cost of studying in the UK [insert link to Cost of Studying in the UK article] largely depends on factors such as the university you attend, the region in which you live, and the scholarship you are granted [link to UK scholarships article], it is overall lower on average than many people imagine. International students should expect their annual cost of study to begin around £10,000, before any scholarships or grants are taken into consideration.

Overall Cost of Living in the UK

While it is no secret that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, the UK ranks as the 25th most expensive country, overall. This follows a wide range of other places many people do not even consider, including Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Hong Kong, and more. Furthermore, London, itself, ranks only 44th in most expensive cities in the world, after other major hubs like Paris and Jerusalem, yet before Amsterdam and Dublin.

In more specific financial terms, this means that students considering the UK and even London as their next step when it comes to studying should be prepared to pay high prices, but should not be dissuaded by rumors that make London appear far more economically daunting than it actually is. On average, it is estimated that students will spend approximately £12,000 to £15,000, depending on whether or not they choose to live in a major city.

For a quick list of what to expect when living the UK, see the chart below:


Monthly rent in normal area for two people (85m^2)


Monthly Utilities


Internet (8Mbps)



Monthly Metro Ticket


Average Taxi Fare (8km)



Basic Lunchtime Menu


Fast Food Combo Meal


Cinema Tickets


Cappuccino in the City


Beer in Neighborhood Pub