Why Study in the UK

Why Study in the UK?

With over 2.25 million higher educations students, almost 500,000 of which are international, the United Kingdom is one of the top destinations for study in the world. The country’s rich history, world influence, and deep diversity have attracted students far and wide to walk across its university campuses, study in their libraries, and live in their communities. But why exactly is it such a popular destination for students, and why should you consider studying there?

Here are 5 reasons international students should be applying to universities in the UK:

High-Quality Education at a (Relatively) Low Price

Four of the top 10 universities in the world are based in the UK. Of course, these are the most widely known and expensive universities: University of Cambridge (5), University of Oxford (6), University College London (7), and Imperial College London (8). But while any education a student receives in the UK will be high quality and will even likely be world-renowned, not all of it comes at so high of a price. University tuition fees are based on many factors – they are not only institution-based, but also study-based. So, students looking to go into humanities and social sciences will likely pay even less than those pursuing degrees in medical or laboratory sciences.

Overall, the cost of studying in the UK for international students typically begins around 10,000 GBP, though students should be aware that both the tuition price and the cost of living will vary based on their location, setting, and program of study. Ultimately, however, compared to the other top two study destinations (the US and Australia), education in the UK is actually significantly less expensive.

Range of Opportunities

Although it might seem geographically small, the UK is home to more than many might imagine. In terms of academic offerings, the UK hosts over 150 higher education institutions, universities, and colleges, all full of students from across the UK, Europe, and the world. However, many students do not realize that the UK is actually composed of four different countries (England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland), all of which can provide students with different cultural offerings, histories, and opportunities.

Additionally, the UK is one of the most ethnically diverse countries in Europe, providing its foreign students with a sense of community as they are surrounded not only by UK citizens from differing backgrounds, but also by visitors and fellow students from around the world. This provides not only an opportunity for a sense of home, but also a chance to make lifelong friendships while studying with those form a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.

International Hub for Various Industries

Students who migrate to the UK in search of continued education opportunities are often keen to remain post-graduation. Luckily for them, the UK has been witnessing the fastest rate of permanent job growth its seen in years, meaning job opportunities are booming throughout the nation. Students coming to the UK to study will be excited to know that the opportunities to either begin or continue their careers post-graduation are far-reaching and widespread.

Furthermore, the quality of jobs in the UK is virtually unmatched. The nation, particularly its biggest city, London, but not excluding more rural areas and even smaller cities like Edinburgh and Belfast, is a hub for a variety of industries. Major companies have branches or even headquarters in the UK and seek to hire workers in prominent fields like medicine, communications, business, and engineering. For international students in the UK, this is good news, although they should be aware that they are certainly not alone in their hunt for the first step in their career, meaning competition can be tough.

Multicultural Hotspot

The UK is one of the most multicultural nations in Europe, if not the world. Students heading here from any city, country, or region of the globe will likely have no problems finding little tidbits that remind them from home, and even rescue them from the occasional homesickness that many students tend to face. Multicultural cuisine, dialects, religions, and shops provide residents of the UK the opportunity to peek through the window into other cultures unlike their own, and international students no doubt benefit from this.

The UK continues to attract the best and brightest minds from around the world to study in any of its four countries, all of which are home to a wide range of cultures and traditions. Some of these are more unique to the respective destinations, while others are derived from the immigrants that have moved to the UK over the years. International students can take advantage of incredible opportunities not only to soak in the UK’s culture, but also to learn more about various cultures from around the world and share their own with those around them.

English Language

Droves of students seek out education opportunities in the UK, especially those focused on perfecting or even merely getting a better grasp of the English language. The UK is one of the best places on the planet to not only study English in the classroom surrounded by peers and led by a qualified instructor, but also practice the language in the streets, pubs, and shops with locals and members of their communities.

When it comes to studying the language in a classroom setting, the UK has a plethora of options for prospective students to choose from. In addition to universities and colleges, which often offer its foreign students language-related classes, students can find academic linguistic opportunities through the UK’s many language schools. These programs are designed to help students master or learn a language in the given time they are in the country, and are often in smaller settings than university classrooms. To learn more about language schools in the UK, students can seek out resources like Findcourse, which connect them to the best language schools in their area.