Why Study in Spain

Cost of Living in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to expand their experience, enjoy a vivacious culture, and surround themselves with the brightest students at the best institutions. The country is home to stunning cities teeming with history, culture, nightlife, and even professional opportunities, attracting the top students from around the globe.

With some estimates suggesting that international students in the country exceed 75,000, there is no doubt that Spain is a melting pot of cultures hailing from around the world. Ranking 16th when it comes to most popular destinations for study, Spain offers a wide variety of academic opportunities, programs, fields of study, and or course universities catering to students in multiple languages.

Spain, like most of Europe, uses the Euro, one of the strongest currencies in the world. It compares to the US Dollar at a ratio of approximately 1:1.2, which means that Spain one of the more expensive countries to live in. However, for many students who choose to remain in Spain after they graduate, this translates to higher wages and salary.

So, what exactly should students in the country expect to spend? On average, here is what you should plan for:

One Year of Study in the Spain

Studying in Spain will provide students with a variety of unique and exciting opportunities, but at what financial cost? The country’s 78 universities are divided between private- and state-sector schools, each of which has a different in the level of costs to students attending them.

Public universities funded by the state are more affordable than their private counterparts. Students can find high-quality state institutions for fees under 1200 EUR, annually. However, their private counterparts come at a far higher fee - sometimes, costing students up to 18,000 per year.

Overall Cost of Living in Spain

As is the case for nearly every setting on the planet, the cost of living per person and student in Spain will vary depending on a range of variables. Choice of location, style of apartment or housing, interest in nightlife - these are just a few of the factors for students to consider before traveling to Spain for their studies.

One of the best ways to save a little money is to share an apartment or even live on-campus at your chosen university. Additionally, choosing to live outside cities like Barcelona or Madrid - both of which fall within the world’s top 300 most expensive cities - can help stretch student savings, as well. Perhaps surprisingly, Bilbao, in the north of the country, is actually home to Spain’s highest cost of living.

For a quick list of what to expect when living in Spain, see the chart below:


Monthly rent in normal area for two people (85m^2)


Monthly Utilities


Internet (8Mbps)



Monthly Metro Ticket


Average Taxi Fare (8km)



Basic Lunchtime Menu


Fast Food Combo Meal


Cinema Tickets


Cappuccino in the City


Beer in Neighborhood Pub