Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of Living in Australia

With its range of world-class universities and higher education programs, Australia is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to take their studies international. Scholars are drawn to the country that not only offers renowned education and degrees, but also provides a wealth of employment opportunities post-graduation. Students with any interest, any passion, and any specialty will have no trouble finding themselves at home in Australia, both for its breadth of programs and its breadth of professionals carrying out their studies and careers Down Under.

Australia’s currency equates to 0.77 US Dollars for every 1 Australian Dollar. As a student, the cost of living is potentially higher than in other study destinations like Malaysia and Turkey. However, this should not hinder the cost-conscious traveler, who will find a myriad of scholarships and part-time job opportunities in nearly any location on the massive island. The currency also provides even more opportunity for those who see the country as a long-term opportunity for employment.

So, what exactly should students in Ireland expect to spend? On average, here is what you should plan for:

One Year of Studying in Australia

Depending on a student’s field of study, level of degree, or scholarship opportunity, the annual cost of tuition will fall within a sizable range. While each aspect will certainly impact the final cost of studying, it seems that there is no definitive answer to the question: which one will most intensely affect my cost of tuition?

There is a wide array of good news for students of all interests and passions including the fact that many schools in Australia include the cost of housing, textbooks, tuition, or meal plans in their international fees. This means that students might have less cost outside of their tuition, aside from transportation and nightlife.

Overall Cost of Living in Australia

Much like cost of study, the cost of living in Australia will vary based upon a variety of factors. Location within the country, type of housing, interest in nightlife, and other personal decisions made by each respective student will all directly affect his or her cost of living on a day-to-day basis. Living on-campus or with a group of people, choosing to live and study in smaller towns rather than larger metropolitan cities, and limiting the number of pints at the local pub can all help students save money.

Australia falls near the top of the list of the most expensive countries in the world, settling at 13th place, just above Ireland. Eleven of the country’s biggest cities all fall within the top 150 most expensive cities in the world, with Sydney topping the list at 31, followed by Perth at 35 and Darwin at 43. Melbourne and Adelaide follow later at 61st and 62nd, respectively. However, students from across the globe flock to the country, and its high quality of education and life are well worth the money.

For a quick list of what to expect when living Australia, see the chart below:


Monthly rent in normal area for two people (85m^2)


Monthly Utilities


Internet (8Mbps)



Monthly Metro Ticket


Average Taxi Fare (8km)



Basic Lunchtime Menu


Fast Food Combo Meal


Cinema Tickets


Cappuccino in the City


Beer in Neighborhood Pub